What do you think?

I’ve had a story in mind… and have the beginning started… but at this time need a little input on it… so I thought I’d begin here… I’d like opinions on this so far… and please be honest… I want this to be my first literary work published… (LOL romance writer of the year!)

The Loch

She stood in a meadow. As the mist rose around her, a light breeze stirred her skirt. A lone loon cried its song of love to an empty lake. She could see the moon, a large glowing orb, just beginning to rise in the evening sky. She stood alone on a small rise, watching the moon, feeling the breeze and mist upon her skin, her long red hair lightly stirring?

She stood heartache weighing heavy on her lost soul. She could not see the beauty around her, hear the sounds of the evening, or delight in the moon in its splendor. She stood lost to the night. She turned slowly towards the loch, as a Knight stood watching her from the shelter of the trees, his steed standing quietly at his side. Amazed by the sight he had happened upon?

Had he found a muse in the glade? Was this a goddess come to earth? Should he dare approach? Or would she suddenly just fade from his sight. A moon such as this could play tricks on a man?s soul, or had the gods deemed him finally worthy of such a prize? As he watched, his heart began to ache. His soul wanted to approach the muse in the meadow. His mind searching for words to approach?

She stood as in a trance, with tears of despair sliding down her face. She slowly walked towards the black waters of the loch?

The knight stood in amazement. What did this lovely vision intend? Was she leaving? He stood unable to comprehend the scene before him. Was she going to bathe? This loch was long and dark. ?Twas said a monster lived within its black waters?

She walked on through the night mist. This world held no love for her. All hope had long ago departed, despair had come to dwell within her heart. She walked into the loch, feeling nothing?

For a moment the knight stood amazed, then reality hit him. The Lady had come to die. His steed snorted, having sensed the despair and now the danger. The Knight?s heart lurched. He moved without thought, or concern for his own well being. He feared he would not reach the loch in time. Fear lent speed to his feet. His cry of warning echoing across the loch?

The Lady walked on into the cold black water. She did not hear the cry. She felt nothing, but the cold dark water engulfing her body and soul. Her hot tears now mingled with the cold waters of the loch. Again the loon cried it?s lonely song of love?

The Knight reached the edge of the loch, just as the Lady?s head seemed to sink into the loch. He screamed in agony and dove into the water. He reached the spot he thought he seen her go under and reached down into the black water of the loch. He felt cold flesh and lock his hand around it pulling with all his strength, slowly he pull the Lady out of the water. He carried her to the rise he first seen her standing upon. The Knight gazed down at her beauty and asked the gods why? She seemed to be at peace, slumbering?

Seems pretty good to me, very romance-y. You might be interested in joining us in NaNo next month if you like to write (not going to the effort of looking up the thread link, but it’s on here somewhere recently). Maybe tone down the knight’s panic a bit, focus a bit more on making the reader wonder why the woman was killing herself. Also, depending on how long you want, drag out the suspense of if the woman’s real or not. :slight_smile: I liked wondering that.

Looks good. :slight_smile: I agree with Andrea, more suspense about whether the lady is real/ghostly/goddes-y/etc would be good, and a reason for the knight to just randomly go into spasming panic over this chick that he’s seen for 3 seconds would make it flow a bit more.

And the inner editor in me (which I MUST silence, at least for the month of November) says to check punctuation/spelling/grammar/sentence structure. :wink:

Nice start, though…come NaNo with us! (Though you’d have to pretend you didn’t just write that and start over come Nov 1, or pick a new story to NaNo with…)

OK! I joined… now to see if I can get the real creative juices flowing…

Yikes What Have I Done!

That’s what I’ve been wondering for a week or so now, especially when I think of how little time I have to finish up race code, let alone write a novel. :roll:

Hehe, yeah. I alternate between being anxious to get started and wondering if I’ll make it more than a couple thousand words :wink:

It should be fun, or at least worth a shot :slight_smile:.

I’m toying with the idea of joining Nano… hehe kinda nervous to do so though, since everything I’ve ever written I keep to myself. I’ve “heard” that if you write several novals over the years (unpublished), then look back when you think you’re at your “best”… you realize how much you’ve grown as a writer. I’ve definitely noticed that. :slight_smile: Hehe some of the stuff I wrote a couple years ago is a bit weak. i keep starting several stories with the idea in mind that I’ll publish them… but they never end up quite what I want, so I leave em be. It’s gotta be perfec! hehe :shock:

That’s why there’s NaNoEdMo - National Novel Editing Month, held in March.

Besides, the motto of NaNo is something like "JUST WRITE. Kill your inner editor for a month. Write anything, no matter how crappy it is, as long as you write 50,000 words of SOMETHING by 11/30.

Given that, what do you have to lose? :slight_smile:

Can it be any genre? Like Dawn is romance… and I’m fantasy? hehe and okay okay, I’m going to join too. lol oiye, what am I getting myself into?

Yeah, Andrea and I are both doing fantasy. (It seems to be a popular genre this year.) But you can do “anything that you think of as a novel”, which can include a bunch of poems, short stories, novellas, autobiographical stuff, whatever. :slight_smile: NaNo’s pretty lenient about what should make up the 50K words.

If you go to the NaNo forums they have sections for a bunch of different genres, so that might help with brainstorming and such.

Hey Shanthi, Andrea, Dawn (and anyone else doing Nano that I’m not aware of)… I can handle the writting part… but… lmao I’m stumped on the profile. Book title? uhm… haven’t even start writting yet. Do I need to fill out my entire profile now or can I do it in November? I suppose I coulda posted this on the Nano forum, but I’d rather find out from you guys since I’m familiar with you. lol okay I’m lame. bleh

I don’t have a title yet, so I left that blank.

Most people have NaNo info in their signature. Mine’s something like:

Title: ??
Genre: Fantasy
Words: 0/50,000
Chapters: 0
Pages: 0

People often get creative with the sig “stats”, i.e.
Cups of Coffee:
Characters Killed:
Dares Used:

And so on. :slight_smile:

I just have one of the random stuipidity quotes that came out of my mouth one time as my sig. Might swap once NaNo starts… But I’m pretty sure you can fill out as much or as little info on your profile as you want.

whats your guys Username for Nano, incase I come across you on the forum. :smiley: I’m still BlueWolf… why confuse myself if I don’t have to, eh?

I’m Moonshadow, Andrea’s AponiSprite.

Ah! I love the photo you have in your Nano profile, Shanthi :smiley:
Oh and Andrea, did you just recently get married? I’m in the long process of planning a wedding, help me out here!

Yep, I did. :slight_smile: June 24th so almost 4 months ago… and the wedding crap still won’t end… (We had issues with the videographer’s efforts and are making him redo the editting on the video). Planning them is entirely over-rated… but if you have questions how how to tactfully tell your mom you don’t want her dream wedding, let me know :wink:

BlueWolf, might I suggest IndieBride? Despite being an…ex-bride? (Ex-bride to be would be more exact, I suppose), I sitll hang out there because the people rock. And they have lots of helpful advice/ideas. :slight_smile:

Wing Comander… but I have not fillrd out my profile yet… I’m not home right now… just borrowed my boyfiriends laptop to see race results… should have waited until I got home tommorow night…

I signed up today, woot. My name there is ArgentWolf. Now to just think of an actual topic… :shock: