what do you do to pass the time??

I love the idea a of running this game in REAL TIME!!! but I do tend to become bored very easily between the races when there is nothing to do!! I handicap the races that I have to time to do but that only is one night.  I was wondering what you do the rest of the nights?? I f anyone has any suggestions or comments I would love to hear them!

When I had a really small stable and was bored I went looking for horses I would be interested in to buy (and could afford) and make a polite offer to their owners.

ya I look at good bloodlines and makes notes about foals that will be successful!! I look for potential horses as well!  I guess great minds think a like. Thanks for the suggestion!

Pedigree submissions can be entertaining and help out FF(by creating more horses for FF to fill races with-including an occasional claiming race). When I’ve suddenly got extra time on my hands(after all horses needing workouts have received them, races have been planned out a month out and all mares breeding arrangements have been taken care of) I’ll sometimes snoop around and see how horses I used to own(or are the foal of one of my studs or mares) is doing and that usually leads me into looking all kinds of different horses I had nothing to do with but can clue me in on different lines I’d like to breed to. Sometimes I’ll even find one I like enough to PM the owner with an offer.

Also, if you’re joining Color War-theres always ideas and planning to put into those horses and post on your team’s forum which leads to discussion.

I personally login at least 5 times a day. I too look at horses but I read forms to…some of the old ones are really intresting to read…like the 2009 early foals… :wink:
I do hypo matings on my mares…even my unraced fillies…If I see good potential I put private notes for my stable…that way I can check on them…if the studs are still around…if not I know I can look at those lines!
I do alot of checking on current stables and stats. This also helps with the bloodlines check…
Maybe I am just an addict… ;D

We could start a support group, I know I need one :wink:

lol I am also guilty of logging in 2-5 times a day! but all great suggestions!! thanks so much! (for fueling my addiction!!)

Sign me up.  :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, I pretty much get on the forum when I run out of things to do. I’ve read every post now (except for a few; the role play posts, saved for when I’m utterly bored.) and feel quite updated. Another thing I do it “stalk” people. I go to the stable list, pick a stable, and see how they’re doing, look at their pretty horses, etc.

I also love shopping when I get bored. But I don’t want to do that too much!  ;D

I have a hard time not shopping for horses as well! I know I shouldn’t because I am just starting off but there are so many nice horses saying - BUY ME!! haha I love reading the forum! It has so much useful information!

I started the RPG yesterday and well…I just realized that out of the 14-15 horses I own only one is a boy!! :astonished:
Gives me some searching to do now!! ;D

what is RPG??

RPG = role play
I’m not sure what the G means, but I was told that it meant “gathering” once.
So, it’s like a role play gathering.

Someone correct me if I’d wrong about that. But RPG is role playing.

Role playing game.


Look through horses
Set up training schedules
Ship horses to races/home for resting
See how many Reine de Course/Chef de Race babies I own/could potentially buy
Handicap (extreme boredom. Last time I handicapped, we lost power and thus I lost my handicapping)
Read through everyone’s posts about new babies and comment
Read general discussion
Do hypothetical matings (most of my mares are ‘bred’ before the new year)
Look at my horse’s competition in upcoming races
Look at nominations
Go through the top workout times
See where/if I’m ranked in the Hall of Fame
Create pedigrees
See how well I’m doing in taxes already :wink:

Some people have websites. You could bring your stable to life that way by putting up a site on a free server :slight_smile:

I never even thought of making a website for my stable!! are you talking about one on a server such as free webs?? or any other free server??

Don’t you HATE when that happens. My computer froze or lost the internet connection one to many times while I was handicapping.

Yeah, I pretty much flipped lol! Then I had to make my study sheet for my math final by candle light D: Not fun lol.

Yeah, freewebs or something. I don’t really know what’s being used now a days since I bought a domain a few years back.