Welcome Back!

((Hmm yes…this explains why I was gone al ot, and had Edea talk for me. I have to get a 3.0 or higher in all my classes or i can’t transfer to a college with an “Equine Racing Management” major. So I was very busy trying to keep my grades up, and then my Grandfather died the week after finals…so…I’ve really been busy, and I thank Edea for taking care of everything… <3 ))

Driving through New York reminded Jei how much she missed home. She had left just before the winter to take care of some business in her hometown. She hadn’t had much time for anything, and then she got a call from her mother with terrible news. Her Grandfather had died. It was the worst end to a year she’s ever had, but the drive back to her home at the stables seemed to make everything better. The radio was pounding out the song Back in Black, by AC/DC, and Jei was singing at the top of her lungs to the steering wheel. She squealed at the Barns of her stable came in to view. “Oh! It’s good to be back!â€� She pulled slowly into the driveway, and parked her truck but the house. She tapped the hood softly as she walked passed. “I’m glad you pulled through Cap’n.â€� She looked down the driveway to the barns, and decided she could relax later. She needed to check on her horses, and catch all the grief that a certain someone would be dishing out.

Jei reached the back entrance to the barn, and took a deep breath. She pulled up her blue jeans, and brushed off her shirt. She then slid open the door, and stepped in to chaos. Edea was yelling at a groom who had apparently let a horse loose without thinking. From the sound of Edea the groom was also lucky to still be working here. She smiled, and couldn’t suppress her laughter. “Well I see you’ve been taking care of the place… I thought you were moving to Australia?â€� Edea stopped yelling at the groom, and from the look on the grooms face Jei’s best bet was to run. “Are you out of your mind! You don’t just up and leave!â€� Jei held up her hands in surrender as Edea turned and started towards her. “I’m sorry something came up, and I got very busy!â€� Jei took a few steps back as Edea began to yell again. “La De Da! Do you realize Cool Runnings…isn’t running any more!" Edea took a deep breath, and let loose once more. “Your back logged in workouts, and I’ve moved to California! You need to get you butt in gear lady or your going to fall even further behind!â€� Edea turned on her heel and stomped off calling back to Jei. “Oh yeah PS I Love You Foaled, and another broodmare was sent to the barn while you were gone.â€� Jei ran after Edea upon hearing the news about PS. “Really? She foaled? No Way! She was Due on the eleventh.â€� Edea stopped in front of a stall on the far end of the barn. “Well she foaled on the third. A nice healthy colt.â€� Jei peered into the stall, and saw both mother foal comfortably situated in a corner. “So why were you gone so long Jei?â€� Edea asked as she walked back through the barn. “Well there were issues with some classes I was taking, and then finals. So when everything was moved here I had to stay. Then just before I was about to make my way back I received the new my grandfather died.â€� She closed her eyes for a moment, and took a deep breath. “The was the worst part. He was my hero!â€� Jei smiled at Edea, and pushed open the door to the office. “So how many workouts do I have?â€� Edea handed her a notepad, and moved back towards the door. “Just under nineteen. Polar Bear needs to start, and there are three there that you’ve marked ‘Retire’ for some reason.â€� Jei looked over the notepad, and then burst from the office out into the aisle way of the barn. “What was I thinking? I can’t retire Sassy yet? He’s still doing well. Exit Stage Left is another storyâ€� She paused for a second “He bowed a tendon last year at the end of the year, and he’s five this year. I don’t think he’ll make a comeback.â€�

Jei soon become immersed in her work, and was getting horses out of the barn and onto the track. She had just looked down to her workout pad when there came a loud holler from the track. Jei, and Edea both ran to see what had happened. As soon as they got out the door Edea turned away from the track, and burst into a fit of laughter. The jockey they had sent to walk Polar Bear had been dumped, and was kicking dirt into the air wile curing the heavens. Jei shoved Edea. “Stop laughing your going to make him mad. Um well madder.� Edea Took a slow, deep breathe, and sighed. “Well it’s looks like Pe-Be and Jei are going to make a good comeback.� “Don’t say that!� Jei shoved Edea again “What you don’t like it?� Edea began to laugh again as she ran back inside to avoid Jei. “P-B-J Stupid initials, stupid sandwich.� She grumbled as the jockey, and the horse passed her. Edea would be leaving for California soon, and she would be here, all alone. Well they could always go visit one another, and she was positive they would see each other at the races. Jei sighed, and walked back in the barn telling Polar Bears groom to hose his injured leg with cold water, and to put poultice on it just in case. She stopped, and then told the groom he should have wraps on all night as well, just in case. It was good to be back.