Weird Twins?

So Im not sure if they are supposed to be real twins or not but one of my mares has popped out 2 foals, 2 days apart!

Black Star
Foal 1- Born Jan 1
White Knight
Foal 2- Born Jan 3
Red Knight

I kind of hope they’re intentional just for the names. :joy:

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hehe the names may have been intentional! and it means an extra 1/2 to Fivel from a now retired stud! Im keeping my fingers crossed!


Sadly, not real twins. (You’d know if they were because in “Horse Highlights” it would say “This horse is a twin”.) I’ve deleted Red Knight from the database as he was the second-born one. I hope White Knight does well. :slight_smile:

Had the same thing a couple of years ago but mine had triplets! on different days as well. Shanthi was kind enough to let me keep the first two “tea for two” and “Two’s Company” but triplets really were too much, a pity though as I wanted to call the last one “Three’s a Crowd”!

So this happened again to one of my mares.

Fiji Girl
Foal 1
Fiji Island
Foal 2
Ocean Fiji

Mine’s slightly different -

born Jan 1 2025 Trumps Evil

born Dec 22 2025 Trumps Ace

Both now showing as yearlings from Ace No Trumps

I’ve deleted Ocean Fiji, who was the accidental duplicate.

Those aren’t accidental twins, the 2026 foal was just born too early so is officially the same age as the 2025 foal because they both turn a year older on Jan 1 (when the younger one is only a week old).

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@Shanthi will the dec foal race in the same year as the Jan foal or will it be held back?

Ta :slight_smile:

That’s up to you - personally I hold them back because they’re so much more immature than their official peers (you’re effectively racing a yearling against 2yos, a 2yo against 3yos, etc).

Welp something really funky is going on with my mares because my mare Fiji Girl spit out another foal. A filly this time.

Fiji’s Golden Girl


Ah didn’t think of that - did notice the sizing would be different as they simply haven’t had time to mature, I prefer to let my foals get to 15h before racing.