Weekly Picks and Handicapping

Okay…so I’m probably going to sound kinda stupid when I ask this, but how does the weekly picks and handicapping thing work? Do you gain money if you’re right and loose money if you’re wrong, or what?

You only earn money.  However, you need to pick the right horse and the place it correctly.  So if the horse you picked to come in 2nd, wins…no money.  Only if you picked it to come in 2nd will you earn it.

Handicapping is a great way to supplement your budget, as there’s no risk (you don’t have to put any money down) and it clues you in to which horses are having an amazing season, etc. 

I’m not sure what the exact prize money is, but I do know you get bonuses if you correctly pick 1st and 2nd, or  1st, 2nd and 3rd place.

Here this should answer some things:

Handicapping Competition

Thanks. It makes more sense now.