Weekend Getaway

In the morning we (Dawn and I) are headed up the coast to Fort Bragg to do some whale watching (hopefully we’ll see some) and take a break from the boys around here, and me to have a little wine tasting (Dawn can watch) :slight_smile:

We are taking the dogs with us (found a lovely place right on the ocean that takes large dogs (we have German Shepherd Dogs).

We’re gonna take the laptop, but not sure if we’ll have connection up there, so if not, we’ll see you all late Sunday. Have a great weekend.


Have fun, you two!  ;D

Well we are back. It was alot of fun, but I’m glad to be home from a mini vacation. Dawn is passed out, she took about 5 minutes to check everything and then said good night. LOL, she’ll be back up a little later if I know her. Her siser (Who also came with, and is also part of the FF family) did the same, Checked email and said she was taking a nap!

We Started out Sat and it was raining, not to let that put a damper on things, we loaded the van and away we went. Our destination is about a 4 hour drive, but we were taking our time. We had decided to drive up Highway 1, the Coast Highway., so we head up to Fort Bragg from Bodega Bay. We lost the rain about an hour up the coast. It was lovely.

As this was a very unplanned trip, we stopped at the Lighthouse at Point Arena. Point Arena Lighthouse]http://www.erealms.com/californialighthouses/arena.html]Point Arena Lighthouse
What a lovely place, and we climbed the 136 steps to the top to hear the history of the lighthouse. Now that I’ve seen one, I think I’ll try and see a couple more.

Then on up to Fort Bragg. We did not go Whale Watching, the water was way to rough for us land bound women, so we took the dogs to a couple of beaches. Glass Beach]http://www.fortbragg.com/glass_beach/]Glass Beach being one of them. We stayed in a rustic little cottage and this morning got up had breakfast and headed homw through the Navarro Redwoods. It’s not the Avenue of the Giants, but there are some pretty amazing trees there all the same.

We also went by some nice Wineries in that area noted for their Pinote Noir, of course I had to stop and have a few tastings. LOL, I ended up with a couple of bottles and joining a wine club. Oh well I’m going to become a wineo, at least it’s not the cheap stuff!

All in all it was a great weekend, and it is always great to come home! Until our next great unplanned adventure! Off to watch TV with a glass of “Wine” :slight_smile: