Wed Racing

Hmm… did I miss something? Were there no races today? Or is it all screwed up because Shanthi is out of town? Just curious, since my horse is running today… hehe…

Sometimes Shanti gets caught up in daily life and can’t run the races right away. I doesn’t run completly automatically, shanti has to do something (not sure what) to make the races run. If shanti cant get to her computer then the races cant run

Sorry guys, internet at this hotel has been totally non-functional for the past 2 days. If Andrea doesn’t have time to run races tonight, I’ll run them in the morning when I get online from the office.

Fun stuff. :slight_smile: Yeah I don’t even bother on hotel computers. Last time i tried I just got mad at myself…lol.

Andrea’s busy with NaNo and volunteering, so you guys can just be patient and wait until Shanthi gets bored at her conference thingy tomorrow :wink:

Oh patience is not a problem. I was just kinda confused, guess i thought that was automated. :slight_smile:

There’s a page that runs them, but we have to run the page. The current program isn’t nearly stable enough to have them totally automated. Depending on how Shanthi’s new version does, they may or may not become totally automated sometime next year.