We Have Puppies!

Today at about 1 pm, out German Shepherd Dog began having her puppies… as of this time tonight we have 8 Black & Tan puppies… 2 girls & 6 boys! I’ll post pictures of the puppies & parents in a couple of days… I’m so excited!

oh wow how exciting hope mum and all puppies are doing well! :slight_smile:


She had 10 puppies… the last 2 born last night after we had gone to bed… we thought she was done… we lost one of them… so 9 live puppies… 3 girls 6 boys… (lost puppy was a boy)…

right now mom & all the babies are doing great!

pictures later…

Aww… I’m sorry to hear about the one you  lost.  :-\  I love GSDs…

I have kittens I’m trying to give away. (It’ll break my heart when I do) I love raising kittens/puppies. It’s so awesome.  ;D

Ok Dawn kept saying she was going to post pictures, well here is a picture of one of the puppies at 2 weeks old.  They have started opening their eyes, and today they started eating solid food. 


Too cute…my aunt & uncle visited today with their 2yo lab/doberman mutt, and now I’m eager to get a dog again…must resist the temptation for now, though.

Oh so cute! I love German Shepherds and puppies in general. Right now I’ve got two kittens who love to chase the computers cursor.

Cute :slight_smile:  I just got a kitten.  We don’t have time/energy for a puppy yet, but it’s next on the “to get” list :wink: