War Pass

Man, I wasn’t aware of War Passes sesmoid fracture till today.  That’s really sad he’s going to have to miss the derby.  Hope this isn’t the start of the end for him.  Anywho I just wanted to let everyone know incase they didn’t.  Guess this puts a little interest in the Roadtotheroses challenge too since most everyone had him on their list.  I think Zito’s colt Cool Coal Man looks good.  So at least he’s got him to race in the derby.  I doubt Anak Nakal will be a threat.

I hate seeing that he was injured but I think missing the Derby is a good thing for him. He showed no indication that he wanted the mile and a quarter. Plus everyone had his number, bump him and press him early and he’s finished. I do have a feeling though that we’ll never see him race again which is a shame. If they put him in the right races (i.e nothing more than a mile) I could see him dominating the sprint division.

I’m going with Pyro. He’s got the perfect running style for the Derby and has shown he can overcome being blocked and has been bumped and jostled before.  I think his performance in the Bluegrass was a big fluke. If his confidence wasn’t beaten up to badly by it I can see him being tough. I also like Big Brown a lot as long as he gets a good trip and can get either an easy lead or settles nicely behind horses. The only drawback is he has never seen commotion like there will be the first saturday in May. And he’s only got three starts under his belt. Curlin couldn’t do it, can Big Brown?

I like Big Brown and Colonel John. They both look strong to me. I think Colonel is a bit unproven but in the SA Derby he was way at the back for a long time and kicked in to win. SO he’s a closer with a bit of a cocky attitude. lol  I mean his sire was an amazing racer and I think John got his better genes. :slight_smile:  And Big Brown Just has it all. But i really like how inexperienced he really is. Cause I like to watch good horses bloom in the TC :slight_smile:

I agree. The Derby could have been a nightmare for him. But I do hope they’re not going to retire him…he’s a very talented horse.

Big Brown of course has been impressive…but I’m still not convinced yet. Pyro definately could win…he’s got the style and experience. Colonel John has a good shot too as long as he handles the dirt, which I think he will. I like Court Vision his style is perfect for the derby, but I don’t know if he has enough talent…and if Big Brown gets away with an easy lead he’ll never look back.

I could see them trying to get Big Brown to the front early and keep him there but I think Colonel John’s closing kick could finish Big Brown off.

Yeah, Colonel John closed like a storm in the Santa Anita Derby…he definately has a tremendous kick. And he turned in a blazing work today, so he looks to be on top of his game. http://tcm.bloodhorse.com/viewstory.asp?id=44865

Got to watch the post draw today…I always enjoy that. The atmosphere was…different from the last couple of years. A marching band, cheerleaders, mascots…I understand wanting to get people in on it but it seemed a liiiiittle overboard. To be honest I liked it best when it was in a quiet room where everyone wore suits and dresses, but that’s just me.

I’m really pulling for Pyro this year. Every time I’ve seen him run he’s just been exhilarating to watch; I’m just a huge sucker for a horse who can come from behind. I also like Smooth Air and Big Brown.