Well we’re leaving for Vegas tonight and if I don’t have computer access there I won’t be back till Saturday.  Just a heads up for The Juicers and anyone else. :slight_smile:

Ooh, congrats.  Have fun!
Never been to Vegas myself.  I’m envious.  :slight_smile:

Went to Vegas about 3 years ago , u will love it!!

Degs :wink:

Hey thanks! We had a great time. :wink: It was my third time there but my boyfriends first.  He already wants to plan another trip out this year…lol.  Also, found a place i’ve never eaten before and LOVED!  The price wasn’t bad either.  For Seafood lovers theres a little place at Palace Station called The Oyster Bar.  It’s first come first serve and if your not there early be prepared to stand awhile.  But believe me it’s worth the wait.  The oysters were the best i’ve ever had and the gumbo was to die for! Two people can eat for about $50 including an app…  Just a tid bit for anyone traveling there. 
Also check out Battista’s Hole In The Wall!  DElicious!