Vaucluse Farms Auction

Hi guys

I’m clearing out my stable to make way for an influx of 2YOs next year and also to try and bring my racing stock back to a manageable level so I can get back to playing!

The auction starts on 2 December.

All 3YO+ have a reserve of $25,000. All the unraced 2YOs have a reserve of $20,000.


Oh no…

gah! So many unraced 2yos! There go my BC earnings  ::)

More like “There go all my efforts to trim MY racing string to a manageable number!”  ::)

No kidding. I just bought ponies at the last few auctions.

Auction day is almost here! Starts tomorrow! Happy bidding…

Auction has begun!

Hi All
Thanks so much for the participation so far!
I will donate any unsold horses to Final Furlong so please nab them up - reserves are very low ($20k for 2YOs, $25k for 3YO+)