Vaucluse Farms '2-Y-O in Training Auction'

Hi all

The first of my 2015 auctions will be held from January 10. The auction link is here: … uction=224. It will feature 17 of my beautifully bred 2-Y-Os. Basically I refuse to try and race 38 2-Y-Os so I’m culling to 20 (another is being sold privately if you’re wondering why the numbers don’t match up). All of the horses are by leading FF racers - I only breed to studs with 10+ stakes wins. Most are by stakes winning mares and will generally come from very solid dam lines.

I hope that you all see a horse or two (or four) you’d like to own.

Keep an eye out as we will be having a yearling sale later in the year.


Sale starts tomorrow all! Hope some of you manage to nab one or two (or three or four)! Some very nice 2YOs in the auction!

Auction has begun! Remember, bids are set to 12 hours so keep an eye on it as I expect a quick turnaround on the 17 nice 2YOs available… :slight_smile:

Oh and FYI all reserves set at $15,000.

Auction looking fantastic guys! A few bargins still around! Most notably currently sitting at just $15,000 Raffles who is by the fantastic Point Given sire ICh. What’s Your Point (first crop races this year) and by Mooney Valley Gold Cup [Gr.2] winner Five Star Hotel.

To jump straight in for bidding at the Vaucluse Farms 2YO Auction, simply click HERE!

Hi all

Just a quick note to say thank you for everyone’s participation and for making this auction a fantastic success! Very much exceeded my expectations! Which is a very good thing given prior to the auction I was sitting on just $14k. Sale netted in excess of $700k which gives a nice average of just over $40k per horse. This will be an annual event, so look forward to you taking part again early 2016.


Not sure if it’s a good thing that the one I got was the most expensive by far. :wink: Hoping he’s fun to race, at least!

Well at least he has a sexy name? :stuck_out_tongue: