Variance in Energy and Fintness Ratings

Hello Everybody

Was wondering if anyone can help me with this

The energy and fitness ratings in the training summary page are often different from the ones in the Workouts page so what which ones do u base your decisions on?


The difference should only be one letter grade–between a C and a B, a B and an A.  My rule of thumb is that if the horse is measuring an energy level of a D anywhere, I don’t work them.  C readings can be a tad dicey, so use your judgment.

This isn’t an exact science.  This game is about you making decisions based on circumstances that aren’t guarantees.  Hence, there’s variation in energy/fitness readings, there’s no longer a GOT (grumpy ol’ trainer report, which gave you a sort of idea how they would run but was by no means 100% accurate) and jockey comments that are sort of out in left field a portion of the time.  If there was an absolute, hard and fast answer, a way to game the system, what fun would that be?

What it boils down to is how do you want to run your stable?

My suggestion, though, is that if you’re worried about low energy causing an injury either don’t do the work out or do a very light workout.  Sometimes I’ll throw on wraps if the horse is coming back from an injury, but sometimes that makes the horse damn ornery. 

Along the same lines… how come I can go to the Training Summary page and get one set of readings, then go to the Training Workouts page and get a different set, then RETURN to the Training Summary page and get a different set of readings than it showed me just minutes before?

How random is the code that figures Energy / Fitness ?  I can understand the different pages giving slightly different readings, but wouldn’t the same code for a page provide the same readings?

No, because the code doesn’t go “oh, I’m on the trainer summary page, I’ll always add 5%”, or “I’m on the workouts page, I’ll subtract 10%”.  Every page that has energy/fitness ratings uses the same exact +/- margin of error every time you load the page.  (The exception is the trainer summary which stores its values unless you refresh the data.)  So every time you’ll get a different value (at least with the straight number before it’s converted to a letter grade), unless the random number gods happen to give you the same random number.

Thanks for answering… since i posted, I’ve continued to search the forum and found the answer elsewhere.  Sorry I re-posted.