Updated KindleHope 2010 Booking/Breedings...

So, now that some of my girls have come back to me, courtesy of the age change on bloodstock, I’ve got some changes! Obviously, the outside breedings are probably the only ones anyone cares about, so they’re listed below…I’ve only changed a few; other’s are just reiterated. And yes, I haven’t officially booked at all to some of these stallions yet… ( I suppose that’s the point of this post) So if you’re the owner of one of the handsome devil’s listed, talk to me! :smiley:

Foxxy LassX Seattle Sorcerer (May 1 if it’s open)
SeethingsmywayX Planet Hollywood (May 2)
Spectacular StarX Secret Of Love (March 2 or later if possible)
ShesanaturalactorX Take Me To Hollywood (March 2)
Cure My BluesX Magic Glory (yeah, I changed my mind…:-D; March 2 is preferable, but I’ll take almost anything)

Kermit is flattered by such a nice girlfriend. :smiley: March 2 is fine.

awwwwww… Kermit’s so cute… Actor likes those tall, dark and handsome types; how could she resist? :wink:

Love is happy to see star. :slight_smile: She is down for March 3.

Kerry, you’re down for April 2, 's the best I could get you for Cure My Blues. I have Feb 2, but I figure a month earlier is much harder to swing than a month later :wink:.

Yay, Magic Glory babies in two years :smiley:

sounds great guys… thanks!
The only one left is Foxxy Lass X Seattle Sorcerer… Windward Farms, I believe?

May 1st should be fine Kerry I’ll mark it down.

Awesome… thanks guys! I’m all set!