Unable to name weanling

View Horse: was born today.

When I select ‘Edit Horse Details’ it opens up the page so I can name her but when I then click ‘Save Details’ it loads a blank page and she still shows as unnamed on my weanling page and her own personal page. She’s the only unnamed horse I have at the moment so I’ve been unable to check if it’s just a problem affecting her. None of my other weanlings this year have had this issue. She was bred from a leased mare, not sure if that would have any relevance.

Weighing in to add that I am able to edit her name (I own the mare that was leased). So the game is a little confused on who has custody.

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Thanks Shelbie.

Weirdly, I just tried to name her something else and it’s let me save it but still won’t let me save the original name - that was Welsh with a ‘ŵ’ in it. I wonder if the letter is the issue as it’s quite happy for me to name her the first word I thought to try - ‘Blob’! :joy::joy:

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My guess would be that the code is having indigestion from the accent over the ‘ŵ’. Have you tried putting in the original name using a plain ‘w’ instead of an accented one or will that change the meaning of the name?

I haven’t but I suspect your theory is correct. I don’t think it would change the meaning, rather the pronunciation. I’ve opted for something else now anyway.