✅ Unable To Breed/"Still In Foal"

Description of Issue
My mare, GCh. Coquette, foaled on January 1st, 2024. Her page shows that she is not in foal and can be bred between Feb 15, 2024 and end of season. However, when I click “Breed This Foal” button on her current booking, it goes to a screen stating that she is still in foal.

Additionally, she doesn’t show on my Stable Overview unbred mares list as a result. When you search my horses for broodmares at the bottom of the page, she does show as “not in foal” in red letters.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Login
  2. Navigate to GCh Coquette’s page
  3. Click on Breed This Mare button on her page - observe her “not in foal” status
  4. Click on Breed This Foal button under her current booking (Apr 1 to Fight The Twilight)

coquette error 2 coquette error

She was already bred in February, but her breeding due date was missing.


Not to be a pest, but Coquette’s page now shows she had a 2024 foal and is currently expecting another as of 1/2/24. Is there any way the due date can be fixed to 2025? I’m afraid it will cause more problems next year if not.


Yeah, that was weird. It had the right breeding info, but somehow set the due date to be a few weeks before the breeding date. :roll_eyes: