Unable to Breed Mares (Location Issue)

Description of Issue
I am unable to breed one of my mares to my own stallion. She is not in foal and is showing as located at my farm. Her booking shows up on both his & her pages, but there is a “Ship to Ivy Creek Farm” button instead of a “Breed This Foal” button on her page.

Give a brief overview of your bug
Not sure if others are affected yet - I purchased her fairly recently and have not shipped or bred her prior to this point.

Steps to Reproduce
Navigate to Arachne’s page, go to “Breed This Mare” page, and view the booking for Allinvain.

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  1. Login
  2. Navigate to X page
  3. Click on Y button

Additional information

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I just located another mare, Secsy Star, who is exhibiting the same issue. She is also newly(-ish) purchased. This time, it shows her location as “Stone’s Farm” still, and gives no options to ship her anywhere else (on both, it says travel by road or air are both unavailable).

arachne1 arachne2


I think this should be fixed.

@Shanthi Arachne’s location issue has been resolved - thank you!
However, Secsy Star is still showing as being located at Stone’s Farm () and therefore cannot breed or ship.

@Shanthi is there any chance of resolving Secsy Star’s issue? I’m afraid she’ll miss her Feb 1 slot and am just trying to plan accordingly.

Sorry, should be updated.

Thank you!!