, never seen this one before.

Ok, so I bought a new horse a little bit ago and decided to give him a workout.  I’ve gotten used to reading the jockey comments, but this one threw me a bit. 

“The Perfect Rose tore off my pants, kicked me, dumped his waterbucket over my head and then took off down the road. Y’know, I think we should cut down on the sweet feed. He’s obviously got too much energy. Oh, and you owe me a pair of jeans”


I just wasn’t expecting that. :stuck_out_tongue:

It is a pretty funny comment but what it means isn’t good…it indicates low natural energy, meaning your horse is desperately in need of some R&R at your farm. I’d check out his shipping history and I bet the last time he was home was half a year or more. Once he’s rested for a few weeks…maybe a month, he should be good as new. :slight_smile:

Ohh, ok, thanks!  I was wondering about that. 

Speaking of jockey comments least expected…
I just worked my new claimee Ice Maiden… and the jockey said, “Your @*$(!&% horse fought me too hard to continue the workout!”  -_-’ I’d like to know what happened?  Does she have some unknown temper issue of some sort, or what?

I truely didn’t see that one coming. O_o

if she ran a race today & you worked her also… that comment was not a good one… kinda means she’s been over worked today and is low on energy… If I’m going to work my horses I never work them the day of a race… or  2days befor or after… just so they don’t get over worked…

Actually, I think that comment is triggered if there are too many fights between horse and jockey (which occurs when the horse wants to do one thing, the jockey wants to do another, and the horse wants his way or else).  Eventually the jockey just gives up and gets off the horse. :wink:

Ooh Ok.  I knew I did something wrong -_-’

“Aki, you’re a terrible person!”
“I know. :frowning: Sorry, never again”
"It’s okay. Have a cookie! :slight_smile: "
“OMG no way! -munch-”

Thanks for the help Dawn and Shanthi :slight_smile:

So would it be safe to say horse and jockey don’t get along after two or three of that comment? :wink:

Probably.  Though I think fighting is also linked to energy/fitness…so if the horse has tons of energy and the jock expects it to just walk for 4f, it’s not gonna be happy.

I don’t know if this is actauly useful at all, but if I get a horse who gives me that message a couple of times in a row I throw a Figure 8 on them for a few workouts.  Of course if they’re using an Figure 8 already that doesnt help ;D  It really helped with those two colts I had with broken legs.  When they came back to the track after a year they were really hyped up, and the F8 actualy worked in their case.  Maybe it was just dumb luck? ???

F8 is supposed to help the horse be ratable and easier to control… whether the code increases ratability with a F8 on no matter what or if it only helps if the horse likes/tolerates F8’s, I dunno.  If it helped though, I’d make it part of the horse’s regular equipment!

Thats what I thought too, but some of those horses did alot worse in races with F8s than otherwise haha. 

Mine can be a pain too, they do ok in races but hate working out, i think only 5 today out of all but the 3 racing tomorrow got that first comment, or dumped me, or was unresponsive, wouldnt rate, etc, i Swear i have all the problem children in my stable!! lol

Bumping up topic but I’m getting some bothersome comments on one of my horses. Maybe it has to do with giving him light workouts three days in a row, but the comments progressed like this: Leave A Note is raring to go mentally. > Your @$(!&% horse dumped me! > Your @$(!&% horse fought me too hard to continue the workout!

He’s an easy horse to keep fit, especially since he recovers from his races in a week, and he gets along with his jockey just fine. Should I just lay off on the workouts? Should I toss in an F8 (I changed his equipment from blinkers to a shadow roll because he started hating it)? Is he just being an a-hole and really needs a race? And I don’t think he’s run enough times to warrant a vacation back home.


Depending on how much you work him the boy might need a rest. Send him home for a good month (or so) and then bring him back. cause workouts draw on natural energy just like races. and so does a lot of shipping. I also see he hasn’t run otb since august. so a good long rest, a change in equipment and more time between races I think he’ll shine again. Oh and keep him to allowances until he gets his confidence back :wink: so much cheaper. if none of it works he could be past peak at 4 (alomst 5). Gelding him might work but i’d consider that a last ditch effort.

Well he had about a month off at the farm, but didn’t do so hot in his race back. I’ll lay off on the workouts and there’s a nice allowance race about a week from now; hopefully he’ll perk up. Truth was, I was giving him some walking and jogging just to see how he’ll take to the shadow roll.

Or maybe he doesn’t like New York. His best finishes were all here in California, but there’s no races there yet. major, major phooey

Just want to say I think this horse utterly spoiled me. Nothing like your first Grade I winner to cloud your judgment.

Um… I’d wager this horse has high natural energy, if the jock just said 3 days ago that he was “raring to go mentally.”  These comments are usually pretty spot in, and it takes a while to for NE to drop from “raring to go” (i.e. the highest NE rating) to pantsing the jockey and taking off down the road (i.e. low NE rating).

Spooking/dumping the rider can be a sign of mental fatigue in that they’ll occur more often as NE decreases.  However, these statements tend to occur more often when the horse is feeling frisky because it has super high energy and/or fitness or is really inexperienced (this is why 2yos tend to frequently dump their jocks).  My guess is that you just need to give your horse a break from working out, race him, or step up the intensity.  Or, you could try a different jock.  Some horses don’t play nice with certain jocks. 

I sincerely doubt that this is a NE problem.  You really shouldn’t have to ship him home.

I didn’t think I had to ship him anywhere, so thanks for clarifying that for me. Well, he’s had the same jockey almost since I claimed him so it’s pretty hard to imagine switching jockeys now.

Is there any way to compile a list of jockeys’ comments and possible explanations? I know what they say isn’t spot-on, but it would be nice to have something to refer if something doesn’t make sense or is really confusing.

Bumping up old topic again, but right now I am a bit puzzled with something and could use some advice.

I had [color=blue]Eighteen Karat work out on the 8th and the 11th and both times the jockey told me “Eighteen Karat could carry more weight in races.” What’s that supposed to mean?

He can carry a fatter jock and still be okay.  :wink:

Some races have handicaps, so if your horse is very successful, he’ll end up carrying more weight.  If it’s more than what he can carry based on his stats this will negatively impact him in a profound way.

I don’t pay much attention to it.