✅ Trouble Entering Races - Slow to Load or Timing Out

This may be partially my fault for having as many racehorses as I do, but entering races the past week or two has been really difficult for races nw3/Open/stakes races that are for 3yo+. More often than not, when I select a race I will wait a long time for the page to load only to get a 404 Not Found error. I do not have this issues with races that are 4yo+. You’re welcomed to poke at my account. I can reproduce this reliably by clicking on race 14 for 1/19.

I’m fairly certain that this is because I have 200 3yo+ races horses.

If the solution is to sell/retire ponies, I totally understand. Just let me know.

That’s a bit drastic. (Though if you need a nudge, feel free to use it as an excuse. :wink:)

I’m hoping to improve the performance of everything in the next few days, but I’ll start with race entry as it’s a pain point.

I’ve been getting the same issues too, only certain races but they just time out with the 404 message coming up.


/cc @CricketHill & @Andy especially

OK, this is still incomplete, but as I could use more eyes on it to make sure it’s doing what it should, try out this page:

It should load miles faster than the old one (fingers crossed), I’m just not 100% sure all the proper logic is in place, so I don’t want to declare this fixed yet.

Oh wow, that is fast! It looks like the list of ponies is built as and after the page has loaded.

Out of curiosity, what type of changes did you make?

I’ve set up a separate table to track racehorse-only info (and thus all the common info racers need that’s currently spread about a bunch of other tables)…tricky bit is all the updating of that table as other things happen to a horse.

(Which, sadly, seems to have overloaded the auto-fill races script this morning, so I get to investigate that.)


I still had an issue when doing it normally but once I access the races via your link it worked like a dream, fast & no issues!



FYI in the speedier script the logic to check allowance wins count vs NWx race level was missing, so your entries may not be valid (e.g. it would allow you to enter a horse with 3 allowance wins into a NW2).

(Assuming I wrote this check correctly it doesn’t look like anyone is, but head’s up anyway.)

Along these lines, I am having trouble entering horses into races from the “Upcoming Races” tab on their page. It took me to the race, and then it wouldn’t let me complete the entry. But when I go to the same race on the main page, I can complete an entry for a horse into a race.

Edit: Here’s another example of it but for a different horse in a different race. It might be because the game thinks I want to enter for a race on 11/30/1999, not 1/23/2023, but when I try to access it from the race page, it times out with a 404 Error which is weird since I was able to get into it before.


I keep trying to enter race 2 on Jan 23 and it times out and throws a 404 error every time.

Is that with the new entry page? Because that loads fine for me with your stable.

So seems to be working now, but it’s a little weird because if I go through just the main site it’s slow but eventually loads, but if I use the direct link from the forum it’s quick. No clue why that would make a difference since the URL’s are identical. But at least it loads now? Maybe it was a weird hiccup on my end.

The URLs aren’t identical. :wink: Old slow one in the game menu is upcomingraces.php, new fast one is upcoming_races.php. (I will change over to the new one once I’ve verified it’s fully working.)

Oh gosh, blind.

I did try and go for a subtle difference. :wink:

Just to confirm – I was trying to enter races using the old form just now, and got the 404 issue repeatedly for one race. Swapped to the new one and no issue. :slight_smile:

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As a related test page, there’s this:

I’ve added filters for Energy and Fitness ranges.

It should load in about 1/2 the time as the main one (which, granted, is reasonably fast as well, but 2x as fast is 2x as good, right? :wink:)

Finally the training schedule page should now load in < 1 second as opposed to 10+ (for my large stable). It depends on how many horses you have with their own schedules, but it won’t re-load your stable schedule for every horse that uses it anymore, so that should speed things up.

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FYI all the faster pages are now in the game menu, so you shouldn’t need to click through from the links above.