Trials & Tribulations of the Waiting Member

[color=maroon][font=Verdana]Well, not really. Sounded good however; and I’m all about adding the headlines that may or may not have absolutely anything at all to do with what I’m hiding within them.

With that strange introductory paragraph…onto the “about me” portion…

For starters… Game name obviously, Cydielle. Real name? Sasha. Nicknames?? Sash, Sashi, midget, hey you,etc etc. I’m 19, all of 5FT, weigh nothing, which makes it fun for the fuzzy lumpkins to toss me around like a ragdoll at times.

So… I’m into writing novel-length anythings. So, I’ve decided to do a novel-length survey of myself, in hopes of not being so…long-winded.

Family- parents…divorced. Both remarried. Hates both steps.
Siblings- 2 step bros, 3 half bros, 4 half sis’
Pets-[/b] 7 dogs, 1 cat, 11 ponies & 12 racehorses I “consider” to be mine.
[b]Personality- eh. enthusiastic about everything I do. I’m very reflective about everything, past/present/future. I drive myself up the wall at times. When I’m quiet it’s taken as being sullen, unfortunately. But, that gives an idea of how enthusiastic I am. Sarcastic/dry/quirky humor rolled into one.
Job- assistant trainer/barn manager, I’ve trained horses/ponies as/for lessonsshort & long distance trail rides/barrels/poles/gymkhana/hunters Currently, I’ve started all of the racehorse 1/2/3 yr olds, and gallop them in the mornings, as well as do regular barnwork. I’ve taken on a few training rides for some other clients as well.
Musical Taste- anything really. Mostly rock/heavy metal, but country, hip hop, r&b, pop, celtic, oldies
Fashion Sense- HA. try…none.well, I’m at the barn 7 days a wekk…so tank top, jeans, boots. Sometimes my breeches/tall boots If I’m feeking snarky. Not a skirt person, but love dresses. My style is kinda all over; loud, understated, colorful, not colorful. Long as it looks good on me, I love it.

well… enough with the stupid survey thing already. I’ll get some pics out.

Jumping my favorite pony; she was the first pony I ever trained; and unfortunately, the first pony I ever learned to ride on,which made for some INTERESTING moments. Let’s just say…she reared/bolted/kicked out, was terrified if she even saw barrel/poles pattern. She’s now competing in barrels/poles with a 8 yr old, is ridden by beginners, and does everything from swimming in the ocean, to trailrides at the barn, to 128 mile trailrides.

My 2nd favorite racehorse filly in the barn; Cruisin Countess, aka Momma Drama. Currently being ridden by a fellow excercise rider; I snapped the pic.

My current trainer; who’s done everything on the planet. Trained with George Morris/Margie Goldstein Engle/Chris Kappler/Guenter Siedel , to name some. Been to NBHA World…Went to Medal Finals…Rode his first Grand Prix when he was 14…Rode up to Intermediare & decided he really didn’t like Dressage…been to multiple world shows in Western Pleasure/Reining. All insanity. Yes, his eq is bad; he knows it. He also broke his back when he was 14. Told he couldn’t ride; he still does. Hurts like hell for him to sit up & look “pretty”. But he’s d**n well effective. Wehter or not this photos shows it. Then again…the horse he’s on was still in race training; had just been galloped that same day. This was his 4th ride on him.

Myself riding my 1st favorite filly in the barn; she’s 6. I not only ride her in my lessons, but I take her out & gallop her to keep my position solid. This was probably…eh…4 months ago. I’d just gotten done taking her out to the track; this was a few minutes into my lesson. Yes. My position looks disgusting. Excercise Riding, and riding in an excercise saddle ( which is what I ride my lessons in ) do that to you.

My mother & I, mother’s day '06.

Running barrels on my old instructor’s horse; Sunni. Picked up 3rd place end-of-the-year on him; my first yr on him.

A pony I was retraining…yes, my jumping position SUCKS. I’m in the process of strengthening my position up. I can definetly say… I could get them OVER a fence…but that doesn’t mean I in any way actually was secure. Anyways, he went on to become a polo pony, oddly enough.[/font]

Cool stuff. Welcome to the waiting list, hopefully you’ll be in before you know it! :slight_smile:

Wow. I really enjoyed looking at this. Fascinating! You look like a brilliant rider… are you jumping bareback in that first pic!? Wow! I only ride walk/trot on an insane horse who’s a huge western gelding Paint and bucks for a living. But he’s been a good boy lately. This is my last year of walk/trot showing. Then I’m graduating into novice… I can’t even canter yet… That’s okay. I’m learning this year. So I have a crazy first horse too.  ;D I’m just a beginner, obviously, but I hope to get into everything. Racing, barrel racing, jumping, trail riding, you name it. But I like to pretend that I’m good at rodeo. (I haven’t fallen off my horse before… knock on wood  :wink: )

I really enjoyed looking at this. I love this place; I’m sure you will too. Hope to see your face around and your horses do good on the track!

By the way, as I’ve said to others, you might want to read the FAQ and Newbie Guide completely through while you’re waiting to be accepted. It will make your and others lives easier, and you’ll know your way around when you’re accepted.

Welcome!  :smiley:

I love you already, and I don’t even know you that well (yet xD)
Your personality sounds about like mine, except I lack majorly in the horse area… I haven’t ridden one since last year, in the summer, if that tells you anything. T_T (Severe lack of horse-time = Depressed Moochi). I’m SO glad you’re here though, and that you found us… Can’t wait 'till you get to play and start your own stable! :slight_smile: I hope you have fun!!! Oh, and by the by… How on EARTH did you find such a lovely job? I’m almost 18 and I would KILL to do something like that… (Though I know it would require a whole HECK of a lot more training than I have now X_x)

In any case–hope to see ya around :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck!!!

lol, the replies!!!

JasonCameron- thanks thanks!

Freedom-- paints are the bomb!!! i LOVE a flashy, stand-out paint…they’re just to drool for.a bucker huh? i used to be scared to death of getting bucked off…until my ol d instructor purposely put me on buckers.anndd…a few times of getting bucked off…and then foguring out how to stay on…and how to be aliiiittttllleee bit more proactive,lol…issue solved.well, not the best way to handle it now that I look back on that…but…she could do stupid things like that with me. ::)

Moochi- haha! finally someone with my personality…i thought I was the only one,lol. Actually… I was pretty much named my old instructors’ assistant trainer about 2 yrs ago (i stopped with her August '06, and was with her since 2000), since I was training her ponies/assisting & doing lessons/managing in her place at shows while she was away/managing her website. She didn’t do any big shows; but we did two of the local saddle series for barrels & other speed events.

April ‘06, Andy (my new trainer) moved back here, and was bringing along some of our friends’ prospects. I had only met him once, about a yr ago, and I just kinda started picking at him for more info at the one show, since we were in the same age division. Him & I just got to talking for most of the show, and he gave me his number & offered me achance to come & hang out, get away,etc.So, I started going over to his place every monday afternoon; and just jumped right into everything; he taught me how to wrap legs, and was letting me ride CJ (the filly im riding in the one pic, who at the time had just retired & he was putting a barrel pattern on her)  I was feeling ready to move on from Joyce anyway, and July, he offered me a job.

y’know, I’ve worked my butt off. I mean, I’m not necessarily the BEST at what I do, but I’m one of those spongy people. I clip/pull manes/ride/groom/take pics & video/assist in lessons/alittle website design/train new helpers. I’m a big fan of doing all the little things; like where I am right now, each horse has two water buckets. We have 20 right now; I dump, scrub, & refill everyone’s water buckets each day. I keep the feed/tack rooms swept,clean & organized. I make sure the shedrow (aka the aisle, which is dirt) is cleaned up & go through & handrake the whole shed once a week.

I clean all the leather tack, make sure horse laundry is done. when they goto the racetrack (i stay behind & watch the barn for the day), I make sure horses still get trained, make sure my boss’ dogs get some time outside.

i do the little things & keep everything positive. I try not to talk negative about anyone. I try to be as helpful & in 80 different places at one time as I can be. psh…you should’ve seen the day I had 6 ponies completely bathed/tacked, all the barnwork done, half the stalls done, and a hay delivery unloaded in the span of hour & a half…with one other person helping me.

so…working your tail off, making yourself as helpful as possible & putting it out there that you WANT to learn as much as you can. people skills. and just luck sometimes. I hadn’t planned on moving to where I am now; the oppurtunity just presented itself to me & I took it.

OK…wow…that’s a huge post…i’ll stop & step off my soapbox now,lol.

Twiddling thumbs too.

Someone told me this was the best game in town and worth the wait.

Haven’t owned a horse in over a decade.  Too expensive when you live in Hollywood CA.  Tried it.  No where to really ride anyway unless you trailer or stable at Burbank.

But I still love horses and miss them.

Has anyone mentioned that you and your Mother are beautiful!

I used to ride when I was a young boy and miss it.

Love Horse racing and would like to ride again.

This seems like a good way to relive good riding memories and the beautiful days at the track at Del Mar when I was too young to place a wager…but got them in anyways.  That what Uncles are for!

Good luck with this!

Those are great pics!!! I really wish I could have a horse…Virtual horse sites such as FF are really the closest I can get to owning one! That’s why I can’t wait to get in!! In the last pic, the horse was beautiful!!!