Travers - A Cake Walk For Bernadini

Bernardini pretty much cinched 3 y/o colt of the year and possibly horse of the year.  He made winning the Travers look easy… What an amazing horse… to bad his only real compition was Barbaro…

Let’s see how he does in the Breeders Cup Classic… he’ll be up against older more seasoned horses…

The Classic will be something else, because Lava Flow and whats his name are very very very good horses, but Bernandini was impressive. Bad for bettors, we only pulled down a little bit of a gain, but anytime the Jockey is showboating with a few furlongs to go, you know its a good horse.

That was a very impressive race. Although Discreet Cat is also looking very nice. I would really like to see those two run against each other. Are they owned by the same person??

I believe so, I was watching the coverage and I think both, as well as Hanna something are all owned by GoDolfin(?) Stables, well, those Saudi Stables at least. The owner was interviewed and he said he made the trip special to see Discreet Cat and Bernadini over Saturday and Sunday

Yea…Bernardini was totally impressive.  His only competition in that race was Bluegrass Cat, who fractured his hind ankle in that race and is now retired to stud.


Yeah…what a horse. Looks like the Preakness wasn’t a fluke after all. :wink: