Training Question

Has anybody noticed that their horses seemed to be unexplicably low in Energy today? About half of my horses are showing “F” for Energy today, especially the ones currently based in Australia. While I accept that there will always be a certain percentage of them having “F”'s, I don’t recall ever having such a high percentage of “F”'s.

I can understand the horses who ran on Saturday showing “F” and many of those who ran last Wednesday  too, but, many of them are horses who haven’t run within the past two weeks, and have usually recovered their Energy fairly quickly in the past. These would normally be expected to be well on their way towards full recovery by now. They also include horses who have been at the Farm for a while, and, by this, I don’t mean Boarding Farms.

In addition, I haven’t changed my Training Schedules, so that shouldn’t affect the Energy recovery, either.

The daily script is having errors running (and apparently hasn’t run since Saturday), thus no energy/boarding/etc has happened since then.

Daily script has been run, so this should be fixed.