Training Question

Fairly new to the game and i’m sort of struggling to get my horses’energy and fitness to go in the same direction.  One seems to go forward while the other goes backward–have somehow fluked times when I get an A for both, but doesn’t stay that way for long.  Basically, how do I establish a traing regime that see my horses at peak energy and fitness more regularly?

That is the balancing act that has to be figured out. As you’ve found out, it’s tough to get both to an “A”. What you try to shoot for is to have them peak during the week that they are supposed to race. Personally I try to get them on the upswing going from “B” to “A” as the best but sometimes depending on race dates you get them on the downswing going from “A” to “B” (Losing energy).

Oh well at least I got 1 response–thanks Smiley.  Was hoping for something from some of the more experienced stables, but was probably hoping for too much–probably why they remain at the top and others just struggle on.

I don’t think there’s any needs to stir resentment at the bigger barns… Things have been a bit quiet in the forums for a little while now, and it could be that some of them have begun just not checking it on a regular basis.

What Smylie said is right (and Smylie is a more experienced stable owner, FYI). The energy and fitness grades are meant to be “flexible;” they reflect human error. If any two people were asked to grade the energy and overall fitness of a horse, they would probably get different answers! This same question was covered in another forum post not too long ago.

So, again, as long as you exercise your ponies on a regular basis (and let them rest ~twice a week), their fitness will get top grades. Their energy will (naturally) drain after a race, and some horses’ energy does not “bounce back” as quickly as others, so until you see it hit the A’s and B’s, it’s best not to race those particular horses. (For instance, a horse of mine that ran the same day as another still has “F” energy, while the second has gone back to “A” and is practically ready to race again!) The amount that you exercise your horses could also impact their energy–any horse that gallops for two miles at 100% effort is naturally inclined to be more tired than one that jogs for two furlongs. Best to read the FAQ under “Game Links” to get an idea of what a good exercise schedule would look like.

And, of course, if you’ve read and done all you can and you think there’s still a problem, you can always report it as a bug to Shanthi at View/Report Bugs under “Game Links.”

Or maybe nobody had anything else to add to the reply you got!!!

I used to train fairly regularly, and still do if I have a horse that isn’t performing how I’d like in the hopes I can “figure” them out a little better.

For the most part though I race to get them fit. I usually race them every 10-14 days or however long it takes for them to regain the energy. I’ve had horses win Grade 1’s with F energy and I’ve had horses bomb G1’s with A energy. Depends on the horse. Some thrive on racing often others need breaks and all of them get farm rest regularly. 2yo’s I do race less often though I’ve had a few that needed the harder campaign to get their act together.