Training issues

Just realized none of my horses have worked out this month. Looks like 4/30 was the latest workout I can find. The Training Schedule page also cuts off at my D-named horses.


Looks like I had 20 or so work out on the 1st and then another 7 on the 3rd but nothing since.

Can’t load the workout page at the moment to see if I’m having the same issue as you.

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Looks like my horses stopped working at the end of April. No May workouts except Regular Tiger who worked once on May 14th.

Mines the same, just not sure if it’s having an effect or not :thinking:

Your comment just prompted me to have another look. Handful appear to have worked on the 17th and a few more on the 18th (one horse definitely worked both days).

I haven’t tried to run a manual workout since my previous post so that must have been the code/game doing something.

Quite a number of my horses that should be working out don’t seem to have, can’t see that any of my 2yo at the track have worked this month. Might explain why some of my team are maintaining their fitness levels and others are not moving from F :frowning:

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I just tried to look at my Stable Workouts and all of my horses show workouts on Dec 31st, 2027.

I am also still not able to see beyond the first two horses when I try to look at my training schedule.

I checked my stable workouts, and the majority of my horses aren’t working out either. I only had 6 train on 5/18, and I had a lot more scheduled to workout.

I also can’t use the manual workout page at all. The entire page either doesn’t load so I can’t submit it, or after refreshing the page a few times it will load but then when I submit it I get a blank page and no workouts are recorded.

I’m the same, not training since end of April.

Not bothering to enter anything after 24th. Just looked at entries for the 27th and non are fit so no point carrying on :cry:

Hopefully @Shanthi might have some capacity to have a look into it.


Mine seemed to have maintained a semblance of fitness although I’ve noticed the odd one dropped a level :face_with_monocle:

More worrying I checked a couple of recent shippers to the track and after shipping on the 8th, they remain on F having not had a workout. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Just checked that I have 6 entered for Wednesday now down on B fitness :face_with_monocle: :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I wonder if they still get some fitness from racing… as currently only a few have A fitness…

They would, might be the only way at the moment.


Looks like workouts ran last night. Woke up to two horses injured and checked the stable workouts page. All horses worked on 5/21.


Just checked - mine too! And Regular Tiger also worked on May 17th and 18th.

I still can’t do any manual training, but it does look like the scheduled training is working again.

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Sunday is a rest day for my lot. Nothing has worked out on Monday (22nd) as yet for me.

Nothing has been run since 5/21 for me… so it seems like things are stalled (no pun intended) again.

5 of my older horses worked on the 24th (about 1/4 of the number that should have worked, I think).