Training comments and tips

Been looking through the forum a bit, but haven’t seen much on this:
2 yr old that I’m leasing, his first few training comments have been gold, I’ve gotten 2 “gracious lad is very well mannered”. Does that speak just to his temperament, or is it an indication that his natural energy is good? The 2nd comment, he had a 6F canter and 2F breeze at 100% and came out with a 18 for the breeze.

Also, how often do you train? Is it worth giving them a small jog around a few days before a race, like 3 days out?

Well, I can give you my advice, though I’m sure there are much more successful stables who could help you more.

As far as the training comments go, “very well mannered” usually just means the horse behaves itself and does what the jockey wants it to (a.k.a. it’s not being a brat). Your natural energy comments usually start appearing when the horse is running low/tanking on NE (comments such as “looks lackluster” or “refuses to run”; if the horse dumps a bucket on the jockey’s head, it means he/she is utterly spent). Bear in mind, however, that a jockey’s comments are only as valuable as the jockey’s familiarity with the horse. I usually don’t pay too much attention to a jockey’s comments unless he/she knows the horse “like the back of my hand.” The exception to that rule would be the NE comments. Those are usually very accurate.

In terms of training schedule, that highly depends on the person. Everyone has their own style. For me, I train most of my horses about 4 times a week, mixing distance and intensity (i.e. walking vs. breeze) each day. Training is most helpful for getting to know an unfamiliar horse. My horses who have a familiar jockey, equipment they like, and who are in good shape don’t get workouts very often, unless I’m trying to familiarize them with other jockeys as a sort of back-up in case their first pick in a race gets rolled to another horse.

I, personally, prefer to give my horses the day off before their race, to make sure their energy is as high as possible. Other than that, pretty much any day is fair game. Don’t forget, though, that each time you train your horse, that training wears away at their NE, more than if they just had the day off. It works out fine for me, since I tend to race my horses pretty close to home. I just ship them back for a week or so every few months. For horses racing further away, this could become more tricky.

Anyway, those are the basics. Hope they help!

I’m still figuring out jockey comments, but I do similar to faedar with training.

I train 3-4 days a week with variety but I do have different training schedules based on age. My new 2yos start out slow and once they’ve trained for a bit, I up their training. 3yos have their own schedule and so do older horses. I also like to give my horses a few days off leading up to race day. Usually the last time I train them is the day after the previous race day.

I think that training doesn’t matter as much as finding the right race for your horse; the not too competitive, suitable distance, etc. Of course the comments will help but only when the jockey really knows the horse, which takes a lot of time, and you can’t train too much or the horse will run out of Natural Energy. When I was less experienced I used to buy horses just to see their workout history :wink: and some of them really didn’t train much in the years when they were most successful. Others seemed to be trained all the time.