Today is a snow day

Here in Grants Pass, Oregon, we have a SNOW DAY on monday!!!  YEAH No School!!!
We had almost a foot of snow in a couple of hrs last night.  Mom had to come early from work. 
To most of you, who where you have snow, 1 foot is not that big of a deal. Here if we get 3" in a yr we are doing good.  We just had a bunch(8") of snow about 2 wks ago and have a another storm coming in again today or tonight. Mom is not sure how long she will be at work tonight. We are heading out in a few to go take care of the horses.  It is normally a 10 min drive but with the weather, it will take about 45mins.

We live on the side of a mountain and since we don’t have 4wheel drive, we have to chain up to drive 1 mile up the hill and 1 mile down the hill.  What a pain in the butt!

Where do some of you guys live?  State location? Do you get snow? Mostly rain in the winter? Or do you live in Arizona and have 70 degree weather when the rest of us freeze?
Have fun wherever you live and I got to go clean stalls :stuck_out_tongue:

Here in Eugene (Oregon) we’ve had anywhere from 4 to 7 inches in town. As Kayleigh said, we don’t typically get much snow here, and when we do we tend to get a little crazy. :wink: Schools are closed, snow advisories are up for the whole day, and people are in OMG Massive Snow Chaos!!1! mode. I’m sure it’s very funny to anyone who comes from where there is lots of snow. :wink:

I moved to Anchorage, Alaska a year and half ago and I’m very glad I didn’t go to school here when I was kid. Anchorage gets TONS of snow (right now its about knee level high in my back yard-and that’s compressed!) but the schools are used to it and I’ve never heard of school getting canceled. The upside is that I’ve seen them playing with sleds on the playground hills at recess-THAT looks fun!  :slight_smile:

Have fun on your snow day!!

I’m currently living in San Antonio, Texas so we really don’t see much snow here.  The worst I’ve seen is some ice we got last year and the whole city just about shut down.

Its not really the snow we had here today in Alberta, Canada (although we did have a mini-blizzard last night) but the COLD! This morning with wind chill it was -43 degrees Celsius (think over -40 Fahrenheit) … lets just say cars do not like to start in that weather even with block heaters to plug them in when you’re at work.



Wow, I can’t compete with Alberta!  MN has been lousy though lately, but today and yesterday were both almost 40 degrees F!  It was a total heatwave, people were wandering around in shorts and sweatshirts.  The past couple weeks were around -30 windchill, too cold to ride horse, even indoors :frowning:.  We have about 2’ of snow right now, but it’s all packed down and gross.  MN is fairly well adjusted for snow, but we have about 2-3 snow days a year when it’s just too bad to get to school since so many people live in rural areas.

As I’m typing this, WCCO news just reported that the high today was 43 degrees, and by tomorrow night this time, there will be a 70 degree drop in wind chill and it will feel like -30 degrees.  Oh, the joys of Minnesota, the land of driving in the morning with the heater on and driving home in the afternoon with the air conditioner.

Wyoming for me. We get between 3" and 3’ in one storm. :slight_smile: lol but yeah Jade, recess on sleds sounds WAY fun!!

Ahh! That is SO cold!  :astonished:

I live in bipolar Ohio. We can get a ton of snow, or just a little bit. We had a cold front go by that put us down to 5-9 degrees Fahrenheit. And today, after yesterday with that weather, it is 38 degrees Fahrenheit. Bipolar much?  ::)

BWAHAHA. ;D This is fun! In Shelby, NC, we’re pretty much super lucky to get any snow at all, but I’ve been to MN in winter before (because of visiting the Mayo Clinic :stuck_out_tongue:), have an accountant uncle living in OR (not sure where now exactly… and now that’s gonna bug me… :confused: ), have been to Canada on a train-ride in SUMMER and it was cold (yowza), AND… I got nothing for Alaska but I can only IMAGINE how much fun that is (Holy potatoes! Compressed SNOW?! IN YOUR BACKYARD!!! Sheesh… :astonished:)! My mom is from MI (Gaylord… hehe), so she knows a little more than I do about the whole heavy snow-fall thing… But considering I was born in Kissimmee, FL (by Orlando and Disney… hehehe ::) bah lol), I’m a total wuss when it comes to snow of any sort. :stuck_out_tongue: But I love the look of it… Just give me a very warm coat and some boots if there’s even an inch outside, because I’ll probably slip on some ice and get covered from head-to-toe in snow/ice somehow… (It happens). :wink:

EDIT: Totally forgot–I have no idea how many inches we’ve had this year, but where I live, it’s odd to get ANY, so… We had probably four inches or so just about a week or so ago and we had school cancelled. It was GREAT. :stuck_out_tongue: Our two mini schnauzers had a frolic in the snow for the first time, which was really fun to watch, too. :slight_smile:

I’m in BC Canada. Its snowing right now, supposed to get 10cm (almost 4 inches). We usually get rain and 100km + wind storms. I like the rain, but not the wind!

I’m in BC too! We’ve got about 10cms of snow on the ground and it’s like -2 celcius out… We’re supposed to get another 15cms or so tonight… Very rare around here, usually its rain rain and more rain!

WOW, what a difference in areas and weather.  There is supposed to be a storm hitting right now.  NOT!!  It is freezing and all the slush is now frozen. My dad will have leaving for work in the morning at 5:30am.

My Grandpa was in Yamhill, Or this last weekend for a dog agility trial. They canceled sunday’s and my grandpa left at 8am and didn’t arrive in Grants Pass till 2pm.  Should have only taken 3.5 hrs.  I was watching and the road cameras.  He said the roads were closing behind them as they went thru.  My grandpa hates the snow, but he was driving their new Chevy Duramax 1 ton dually and had a line of over 20 cars following his tracks.  Even with that big truck, he said they were sliding all over the road.

I have to look and see if there is school on tuesday as all the main roads to the school are frozen.

Have good night and stay warm 8)

Woohoo!  I’m on the heat wave side of things here in Missouri (specifically, Kansas City), right smack in the middle of everything.  Today’s high was 61 degrees F!  :astonished:  Having been barely able to peak above freezing last week, that’s a welcome change.  No coat?  Flip-flops?  Hooray!  Finally an end to winter is in sight…  We’ve gotten unusually frequent & heavy snows this year.  Typically, we get 1-2 inches per snowstorm…but last year, when I was in mid-MO, we got a record 16 inches overnight.  :astonished:  It was thundering & lightning WHILE IT SNOWED - the only day they canceled my college classes.  They shut down I-70 for the day, the only highway that runs from Kansas City to STL across the state (a major transport route, since we’re en route from coast to coast).  Ridiculous.

Anyhow, we’re known for our “bipolar” weather as well.  But generally, hot humid summers, cold winters with plenty of snow & ice scattered throughout…we get a nice mix.  :slight_smile:  Temperatures ranging from 100+ degrees F (and a “feels like” even higher than that thanks to all that humidity!) in summer to just below 0 degrees C in winter (with wind chills in the negative marks).

Speaking of bipolar weather…Alaska isn’t known for it, especially not compared to the midwest, its cold and colder in the winter…but last week in Fairbanks(5hr drive North from Anchorage or 50min.flight) it was 40 degrees Fahrenheit -read not NEGATIVE 40, FORTY! That’s AMAZINGLY warm for January in Fairbanks which isn’t far from the Arctic Circle (the little town of North Pole is just outside Fairbanks). Just a few days later things returned to normal with -50 degrees Fahrenheit.

(Fairbanks is weird-without the ocean to regulate its temp it can also be up to the 90’s in the summer-it has one of the worlds largest temp. swings)

Annnd…Missouri cannot make up it’s mind yet again.  After yesterday’s lovely weather, we started off the day today with (still continuing) snow flurries and rapidly dropping temperatures.  It’s now 18 degrees F with a windchill of -1…and has been steadily dropping.  About an hour ago it was about 10 degrees or so warmer, so who knows what we’re in for today.   ::slight_smile:

Well, its official.  No School for a 2nd day in a row!!!

Kinda boring though as I also had friday off because it was end of quarter.  So this is a 5 day weekend.
They are talking about a couple of extra days now into summer.  This is the 4 snow day we have had this yr.

Talk about weird weather.  Oh Well :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Time to go play in the snow w/ the dogs and tehn go to the barn and work w/ the “kids”

I thought you might be, guessing from your stable’s name!

Yup. We got about a foot of snow today… Were supposed to get more tonight along with freezing rain… How bizarre is that?? For a usually warm and rainy area?

3rd day of No School!!!  This is becoming very boring.
We got almost a foot of snow last night.  Mom only worked liked 3 hrs and Dad had to go get her and chain up on the way home.
Mom said our house snow total for 2008 is almost 3ft :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:  We get 4-6" in a yr total, not 3 feet and there is still more storms to come thru to Monday.
The Oregon coast is supposed to get snow tonight. 
We are having really weird weather.

Got to go to the barn and take care of the “kidz”.

I live in Missouri also, and on Tuesday the day started out around 50 and by the time I got out of class at 2 there were flurries and wind gust advisories. And today it looks like the snow is coming again, woot! We haven’t had any (in Springfield, at least) for at least a month. We’re supposed to get 4-6 inches tonight. I’m just hoping class will be cancelled.  >:D