[TO VERIFY] Training Workouts issues

Looks like something is wrong with training schedules and workouts; for example, Bong Bong Bong had training to do on Training Workouts page, although he didn’t have any schedule assigned on Training Schedule page.
Fool For Flowers was the opposite - she had a schedule on Training Schedule page, but no work on Training Workouts page, although all my schedules have work for each day.

Same thing today; Bong Bong Bong has work assigned although he has no schedule, and Fool For Flowers doesn’t have anything although there is breeze and canter in her schedule for today.

Also Overkill keeps having workouts assigned, although I deleted his training schedule because he’s entered in a race.

Some of my horses still don’t have any workouts, although they have Training Schedules assigned:

Peace And Carrots

Fool For Flowers


I could train them manually, but I would have to first remove schedules from horses that are entered in races, and it doesn’t work either.

I also have some horses that have training schedules but aren’t training.

These are two that I know of that are having this problem.
Small Wren

I think there may be a few more but haven’t gone through and checked all my horses.

I’m having the same problem with Here Comes Trouble and I See Fire. Both have assigned schedules but aren’t being worked out unless I train manually.

Similar issue. Island View has had a schedule selected but hasn’t worked since she raced on the 9th. When I go to Workouts all her dropdowns are “-” like she isn’t supposed to work today, but the Schedules page shows she’s on the same schedule as my 3yo+ horses who work Sundays/Mondays. She has A/A E/F. I tried to just delete and reassign her schedule but the schedule won’t disappear after deleting.

Any update on this problem?

I have noticed more horses with problem once 2yos were added to the training summary.

Not yet - I haven’t had a chance to look into it - hoping to get to it in the next week.

My filly Apophis has not worked since February 6th, although she has a schedule assigned.

I’ve made a tweak that might fix this.

Ive noticed that it goes both ways on this. I have horses with no training schedules being trained and then I have horses with training schedules that are not getting trained.

Washi Tape had their schedule deleted but still has workouts.
Snollygoster has a schedule but hasn’t been training.

I’ll have to check tomorrow to remember more names and make an actual list.

I also appear to be having issues. I just noticed that Super Aksala hasn’t trained since February despite having a training schedule and being at the track.

Okay I had my workouts page & schedule page up at the same time to compare. I know I didn’t catch all of them I just did a sampling and checked horses with either low energy or low fitness.

No schedule but has a workout showing up (obv have low energy because they need rest)
Bottega Venata
Devil’s Shoestring
Gold and Black
Washi Tape

These horses have a schedule but no workout showing up (low fitness because they aren’t actually training)
Comme de Garcon
Red Jenny
Storm Tiger
Worthy Colors

I tried to give my stakes kids one final workout before next week so manually selected for just them to work today, and it worked a random mix of A-H named horses only, even horses who had “–” for their workout.

I think I’ve fixed this, at least temporarily. (Time will tell if it’s a permanent fix.)