[TO VERIFY] Cannot end leases

I presume you want each unique issue as its own bug? If not, I can combine!

RC Bee has requested lease terminations and I keep clicking Terminate/Accept but they’re still there.

Can you provide more info?

Which horse(s)?
What page are you trying to do this on?
Do you get an error message?

Yes, each one in its own thread, thanks. :slight_smile:

They’re all now gone but if it happens again I’ll link which horse(s). At the time it was on the Stable Overview page and I don’t get an error. It acts like the lease termination went through but when I returned to Stable Overview it still sat there to accept the termination request.

I’m trying to end a lease on Louboutin. Shelbie requested to end it and I clicked End the Lease but nothing happens.

Adding that she appears on my Lease page, and I have attempted to end from that page and on my stable overview. I don’t get an error when these buttons are clicked, it goes to the “Confirm Lease Termination” page, then returns to stable overview or lease page (depending from which page I first selected to end the lease). But Louboutin’s actual page doesn’t show she’s still being leased.

She injured herself which would basically take her out until the end of the lease so we agreed to go ahead and end ahead of time.

Should be fixed now.