This sire throws this kind of horse.

Aside from being a new member of FF (and I use the term “new” generously as I’m nearing the one year anniversary) I’m both too lazy and too busy to go through the offspring  records of many of the major sires trying to figure out what kind of foals they generally throw (checking out broodies is already exhausting). Since the more experienced members here have dealt with these horses and their offspring for close to ten years I’d like to ask a few questions:

What kind of foals do these sires I’m going to list throw? Does the trend lean towards dirt, turf, or hurdles? Do they like to sprint, go a route of ground, or enjoy grinding it out at two miles or more? I’m just looking for broad generalizations so that I have an idea of where to start some of my runners and work from there. I know both FF and the real world don’t always adhere to these “trends”, so please just answer my questions,  :wink:

  • I’m A Classic
  • Jazz It Up
  • What’s It Worth
  • The Black
  • Man O’War

I think it’s much more a matter of what lines cross well with what (e.g. Rogue/Worth crosses).  For raced stallions (e.g. I’m A Classic), I can get some sort of idea as to what his racing preferences were and match my mares accordingly.  I’ve had horses by the same stallion who have run in completely different ways (one a sprinter, one was super long endurance; one liked turf, the other dirt), so it’s VERY difficult to guess who throws what consistently.  A lot of it depends on the mare as well as on luck, so it’s difficult to tell how a horse will run based on lines alone.  It’d be interesting to see how full siblings compare, too. 

I think it is mostly how the mare crosses with each particular stallion as I do have an example of three full siblings from one mare for you :wink:

NCh. Nation’s Colors
NCh. National Post
Ch. National Hero

All three were by Rainbow Quest (G) x Nation’s Pride (G), all three were MSW’s, 2 preferred turf while 1 liked dirt before switching to SC.

It makes for an interesting comparison, and I say if you have a line that seems to work well for your mare to perhaps try a full sibling to see if it can be replicated. It’s worked for me :wink:

That is VERY interesting. I didn’t think the mares would play such a strong role in how their offspring would run in FF. Unfortunately the particular horses I’m sort of scratching my head over don’t have full siblings, so I guess I’ll just have to make some guesses.

What about chef-de-race and reine-de-course? Is it an immediate influence or does it (seem) to come down through the line?

All horses have stats for how “powerful” their genes are as both parents and grandparents.  Depending on those stats, horses may be larger or smaller factors in generations 1 and 2 of a horse’s pedigree.  Further back, the horse needs to be in/line-bred to have any significant impact.

Fascinating. Thanks for that heads up, Shanthi. I’ll have to keep that in mind when I start my breeding operation,  ;D