The Vineyard's 2017 Foal Crop

I debated on whether or not I wanted to make a post about my foal crop this year seeing as I only have two mares due. I figured what the heck, foals are fun to talk about :]

[color=blue]Act One 9.1hh Dapple Grey Colt (GCh. Stagehand x Winners Dream)
I bought his dam already in foal to Stagehand for the sole purpose of being able to excitedly wait on a foal this year. Otherwise, I have to wait for my 2018 foals to be born, and that is just way too far away LOL He was born a day before his due date, and thankfully he and mommy are both healthy. Anyway, still debating on the name, but I kind of like it. Winners Dream has been sent to Call to War.

Waiting on one more mare to foal in July :]

I like the name :slight_smile:

Love the name!

And don’t worry about not having a lot of mares, I used to make a thread for my foal “crop” when I only had one broodmare.  :slight_smile:

Cute name!

Congrats! And sure it’s fun to post about every foal :wink:

What a perfect name!  Fits with the sire, AND that he’s the first one born at your farm.

My first crop was only two babies, but you bet that I posted about them!  Foals are too exciting NOT to announce, especially your first few!

There was a a real life Act One in Europe until fairly recently, MSW in France and also stood at stud before he passed away quite young.

Given that he only won a couple of stakes, and it’s a pretty common name choice (and fits the pedigree, unlike people who just randomly name their created horses Zenyatta or Barbaro), I’ll let it stand.

Congrats on your first foal!