The Sex of My Baby

Okay so it’s been months since I found out, but forgot to post here.

Anyways, it is a BOY and his pending name is Peyton David.  Peyton is just plain cute and a good all around name and then David has a good ring, but mainly it’s for Dave who has been a rock in this whole thing (not to mention a good source of entertainment when needed). 

Brian is fairing well and we’re still living together (amazingly enough - both families figured we’d kill each other by now or someone would’ve moved home!).  I have no idea if Daddy To Be is happy - he claims he is, but then again would a man tell a pregnant woman the truth???!!!  I think not! 

But most of all I look forward to this being OVER!!!  I’m sooo tired of being pregnant.  My new due date is January 3rd and it really does look like I could go before the end of the year (between Christmas and New Years) or better yet before Christmas. 

Just thought I’d share.

Best Regards,

Congratulations and best of luck.
Mat :slight_smile:

Congrats!  You’ll have to post pictures of Peyton David when he arrives.  :slight_smile:

Yes, congrats!  I hope everything goes smoothly for you!

OH MY GOSH! Peyton DavIS was the name of one of my favorite doctors when I was in the hospital :stuck_out_tongue: I think its a lovely name! Congrats, and good luck to you and your growing family! :wink:

Congradulations! I love the name. It’s slightly unusual and out of the ordinary but that makes it great! :slight_smile: I hope everything goes well for you.

Congrats and good luck!  Sounds like a great name. :slight_smile:  Looking forward to seeing pictures!

Love the name!  Congratulations! 

Congrats! I agree with Shanthi; I’d love to see how beautiful you’re baby is when he’s born! Best of luck with Peyton!  :smiley:

congrats, peyton was one of the names i had picked out as it can be either boy or girl, and ive known kids of both sexes with the name , its a very nice name!!