The Racing Corner -- 2012 Stakes Race Programs (Wednesday)

Hey guys -

I offered to help Kim with the Wednesday Stakes Programs, and so I set up a site for the current and hopefully future years’ programs (Which is why under archive it says 2012, Next year will be, of course, 2013) I will be doing. Whichever ones Kim does, I will link to my site so we have easy access to past ones :slight_smile:

You can see the site here and have direct access to all 2012 races, so you don’t have to search through this thread to find Wednesday’s program :wink: I thought that would be convenient for everyone wanting to scan quickly through the programs.

Edit to add Please let me know of any errors or typos you come across. I made the site with an editor for efficiency and convenience, however it started freaking out on me… and has since been less of a convenience, heh. Thanks :slight_smile:

Very Nice!  :wink:

That’s way Kewl… I look forward to reading these things…

thats cool thanks Bam  :slight_smile:

Sort of forgot to mention programs are up :slight_smile: It was a joint effort between Kim and I to finish them. They sure did kick my butt lol

That was a lot of races.  You guys are kicking butt!  Wish we could “pay” you or something as more of an incentive for you all.

Kim and I were hit with last minute events and will be unable to complete tomorrow’s program. If anyone wants to tackle a race, feel free to post here what race you’re taking and PM me with your write ups and I can code those later :slight_smile:

Sorry, guys :frowning: