The pack is growing...


Cute :slight_smile:. I like Goldens well

enough. We had two, both of whom are my “dad’s” (ie, they know who feeds them). You

probably couldn’t find two more different dogs other than they were both sweethearts who

loved to lick/sniff people. Our current one is a total dumb blonde…

Anyway, what I

was going to say is all of yours look so cute! All nice and cozy and fluffy looking. :slight_smile:

Hope stuff works out (and sorry about your dog, even if it was awhile ago).

Heh. He died a week and a

half before I came home from spring break. My entire family conspired against telling me.

So, when I walked through the door, it was like, “Surprise! The dog died.” I laugh about it

now, though.

I’m just hoping Maya’s around for a couple more years. She’s been

healthy as a horse her entire life, but she does have a bunch of cysts in the fatty tisue of

her skin that worry me. My wannabe vet sister says that they aren’t too much to worry

about. I say that if they’re multiplying like I think they’re multiplying we’re just

going to have a fluffy “cyst” walking around in our house.

your goldens are so

beautiful! looking at those pictures makes me realize how little my father brushes his

golden retriever, Jake. he looks kind of like a rat compared to yours :lol: we don’t show

him (or even know his real show name, for that matter. we just call him "Sir Winslow of

Essex."). that may explain his appearance…

i had another golden retriever named

Higgins. he died two days before christmas in 1999, i think. He had numerous tumors and an

odd and very large “fat deposit” on his stomach. i’m told he had this for years. he did

live to be about 13, which is very long, i suppose. ah, this thread brings back so many