The not so wonderful world of racehorses

Over at the Milne’s last week we got in six racehorses. One of which had just left that spring, virtually broken, and lo and behold he came back…broken.

When he left he had an aggravated tendon, and they were having a hard time keeping him sound. The owners insisted on racing him again though, and what did he do? He now has a slab fracture in one knee, the cartilage in his knees is virtually gone and he also has arthritis in his hocks.

Typically now, the owners have decided to destroy him, Dr. Milne had to basically fight with them to keep from sending him to auction which is what they wanted to do. So now we have two days to find a home for this horse otherwise he gets put down.

His name is Mikeymon/‘Mon’. Sadly he is only 5 years old, and a son of Spectacular Bid…if only they had waited he might have turned into something, or could have been a light riding horse, as it is his only hope is to become a pasture pal. We’ve contacted the Moore’s who own the thoroughbred stallion over at the Milne’s, they are very big in the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation. We’re hoping we can save him, he is such a nice horse.

Sometimes I hate this business. :frowning:

Poor guy. :frowning: I hope he can find a good home!

This would be why I don’t want to get into the horse racing business until/unless I can afford to own the horse 100%, and ideally train it myself.

Sadly, it’s strictly business for some. If you are in it for the love of the animal…living with them everyday and knowing that a horse is very different from all other critters…then you do everything to do the right thing. Owners, very often, look at their “investment” and make what they think is the right decision and I guess from their perspective it is the right thing… Racehorses are not machines…rather they are elegant athletes who are bred to compete and give their all…it’s what they want to do. It’s up to us to respect that and to always place their well-being ahead of their instincts and our pocketbooks. Problem is that in many cases the money person has no clue and what you’re left with is a crappy outcome like the one discussed above. If horsemen were the only ones in control of the business I think you’d see a whole lot less of this. It’s an expensive gig whose outcome is not always even close to what’s right. On one hand I love the sport but on another I have to hate it. I do love it!