The Color Purple

Hi everyone!

You have to go and rent out The Color Purple! A MUST SEE! I watched it for the second time this year and it made me appreciate it even more. It is what every movie should be. I love it! Well, can’t say I love it as such cos it is real sad, but I guess appreciate would be the best word. Such a great story, though, being based on a Pulitzer winning book you’d think that was a given.

Whoopi Goldberg got a Golden Globe for her role as Cecile and an Oscar nomination which she never won as the Academy was still racist then [;)]. Oprah is in it too and she is amazing. Spielberg is the director who gained a Best Director citation for his work from the Directors Guild of America. 11 Academy Award nomination overall…

Great movie, can’t say enough about it. If you do rent it out, let me know if you like it!

LOL, Jase you make me giggle. Can’t believe you just recently discovered that movie, but yes, it is one of my favs and the book is good too! A must read.

iYeah, its a good book and a movie. Though they both have been out for a while.

Yeah I first watched it about April [?]. It’s a great film… :slight_smile: Will have to read the book one day…