Tall Oaks Estate

Has anybody heard from Nicole recently?

I have tried to get approved bookings to Cop in Morgue and Cool Crusader for 2 of my mares who had been booked to Worthy Victor before his enforced retirement, but they haven’t been approved.

The bookings were for April 1 (which ended April 15th) so I sent a PM to Nicole. I have not received a reply and, on checking her Stable page, it says that the last time she logged in to FF was April last year.

I have changed the booking requests to April 2 (April 30th), but suspect that she may have left the game.

It would be a pity if we lost the access to these up and coming young stallions. She also owns Last For More, who, while not young (he’s 14), is a very good stallion.

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I tried as well but ended up swapping mine out for others.

Not sure where @Shanthi stands? Maybe she can access the approvals or absorb them into FF for the time being?

Ultimately it may mean an auction or something to keep the stock in the game?

There are a number of inactive members who own stallions, including Gant’s Farm. I’d simply move on and look at accessible studs. I don’t think looking into inactive players is a priority right now for Shanthi.

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