Taking a week off

Tragedy hit

my life Sunday. I found out that my best friend or my brother is more like it was killed in

Iraq and my fiance was killed in a car accident trying to get to my house to comfort me in my

lose of my best friend. All on sunday. So please So im taking a week off. I need time to

think. I have two funerals to attend and one funeral i have to plan, and they will all be

painful, i dont know how im going to get through this. Some of you might think im making this

up. But im sorry but im not making this up. I just came on to let you guys whats going on,

and that i wont be able to see you for a week. Its just hard for me to play and have two of

my love ones die on the same day. :cry: Im sorry

Sorry to here about that! :frowning:

I had a little brother that died 6 years ago and it still hurts.

Oh i am so sorry to hear. i

hope your doing ok!!

Oh man, I’m so sorry,

Kirsten! My thoughts and prayers go to you. :cry:

Thanks everyone for

your support. I could really use it right now. I just came on to check my e-mail and stuff.

So i decided to thank you guys.


I swear this

year is the year of deaths. I totally understand what you’re going through. Since June

21st I’ve had a girl at the barn that I work for killed in a car accident and then 2 of my

cousins were killed in a car accident on the 23rd and my grandpa died on the 28th.


know the feeling of loosing a lot of people in a very short time frame.

I can only

imagine what you’re going through, but I do hope that you will find some comfort in knowing

that there are others who are thinking about you.

Good luck with the funerals, god

knows that I’m not good at them and I rarely attend them (although I’m proud to say that

I’m going to my grandpa’s memorial service on the 14th). However I didn’t attend

Caitlyn’s or my 2 cousins!


Best Regards,

My life just

got worse. I just found out that my closest cousin was on the Subway in london when the

subway was bombed. We have got word that he might not of made it. We havn’t got a call from

him. Can my life get any worse?

I…just don’t know what to

say. I really don’t. My prayers are with you.

I’m impressed you’ve gotten

any sort of communication from London. From what I’ve been hearing it sounds like all the

phones are tied up (understandably). So maybe your cousin is just having a hard time getting


My condolences to those that

have lost people recently. However, Kirsten, you are one seriously disturbed little girl.

[size=9px]I’m sorry if this statement offends any other members and if so,

please address the issue via PM.[/size]

Kirsten sorry to hear about

that, its terrible. and thoughts and prayers are with anyone who has lost or hasnt heard from

loved ones in London.

Sorry Kirsten! I hope your

doing better soon