Sweet Catomine Retired...

That was quite…sudden. I like this filly, I

wonder what in the world caused Wygod to retire her…and what made him so sneaky around the

clinic and his refusal to give a reason as to why she was being retired…weird.


The reason they decided to

retire her. Is she Bled after her final workout. Ahe was also Ovulating for the first time.

Which could cause problems in racing.

Horses bleed out a ton in

racing - especially since American trainers depend on (and/or prefer to use) stuff like lasix

(or whatever the equivalent drug is now)…we breed horses who perform better on such drugs,

rather than select horses to breed that don’t need the drugs in the first place.

As far

as the ovulation thing…BS. My filly was ovulating at 18 months of age…even supposing

that racing screwed up Sweet Catomine’s biology so that she’s a late bloomer…there’s

still that lovely (yet freaky) thing called Regumate. Top show mares are put on it all the

time, why should race mares be any different?

Just my $0.02 on the matter. At least,

as they said, they retired her before she got injured. (Though that leads us into a whole

'nother debate on the sucktitude of American Thoroughbred breeding - by retiring all our

horses before they turn 4, we breed for horses that can only last that long.)

Yeah, i was so shocked by

her retiring and really dispaointed! I enjoyed watching her race, I thought she could be the

next Azeri or even better! I wish it was made more clear on the reasons for her retirement

because racemares continue long careers while ovulating and its common for racehorses to bled

after workouts/races and such.

I hope an explanation is given eventually. Its so sad that

such potential greatness was taken from us soo soon! But I guess thats just how racing goes.

:frowning: Unfortunatly.

Aww that’s too bad! I

really like her :frowning: I don’t follow racing much, but I watched the Santa Anita Derby and

everything about her.

Yea it was quite sudden, and

the reasons coming from the owner were pretty lame, horses do bleed after works, especially

with lasix. And the fact that he was concerned with her ovulating bull; mares race all the

time and most don’t have a problem while their in season, if they do have a problem there is


It is fishy though, there has been no response from Julio Canini.

Well possibly there is a

much larger underlying problem such as navicular or OCD. I know she prolly doesn’t have

navicular but maybe some type of problem that falls in those categories. He stressed that he

wanted to retire her while she was still sound and she only had 7 races. I don’t know much

about racing but i don’t think there should be any soundness issue after only 7 races unless

there is something else. But I don’t think I would want that gene to continue through

breeding anyway if that is the case. I don’t know if i would want to take the chance of

continuing any gene that retires a horse at 2 years old.

maybe that’s what happened if this is the


It’s possible… but I do

agree w/ Shanthi… Nearly ALL horses are on Lasix… I feel like it’s terribly

convenient to retire a champion filly in time for the breeding season… AND! She’s booked

to A.P. Indy of all horses… The ‘Storm Cat’ for those horses who can’t be bred to Storm

Cat (cuz he’s her daddy…)
It is interesting that all the other trainers before the SA

derby didn’t give her the time of day… I couldn’t believe that when I read it in the

Bloodhorse… they obviously knew something was the matter with her… and cycling is

DEFINITELY not the major issue here to prevent her from racing… I also don’t feel like

bleeding is necessarily the top concern either… it’s fishy… I feel like there’s

something else… maybe a bone chip or something? But that can be operated on… minor

fracture? eh… I’m just speculating… maybe it is EIPH and I’m just looking for my

opinion of a more suitable ending for a horse as good as she is…

I’ve been wondering if he

retired her in part due to all the crap he’s getting for sneaking her off the track before

the SA Derby. I mean, I didn’t get to see the race, but 5th by 5 lengths against boys with

all that going on sounds awfully darn good. It’s better than Azeri did and they kept going

w/ her. I dunno, imagine he’s in big trouble for the whole incident and maybe he just

figures no one will want to bet on her after that?

I agree though, she should have been

kept running.