I just wanted to let you know i might be gone for a few days, i have to have surgery as soon as they can get me in. I hope within 5 days, but i will let you know when i find out. i have to get everything arranged tomorrow.(thur)  thanks, Carole aka grace

Well goodness, that sounds scary! I hope that everything goes well, and that you recover quickly.

I hope everything goes well, and you get back to your normal/healthy self soon. :slight_smile:

Good luck with the surgery and recovery, I hope everything goes well!

Had my share of surgeries in the past, and I sympathize… and empathize… Hope everything goes well and that you’re back with us soon. Take care of you!

Good luck with the surgery and I hope the recovery is fast and as painless as possible. 

Hope to see you back soon!! Get well!

thanks all for the well wishes
, they have me scheduled for 7 am friday morning, i have to be there at 5 dark 30, lol ,
i should be home same day unless they cant use the scopes, then i have to stay overnight, but i should be up and around by monday the doc said, at least i will get a nice nap out of the deal. hugs, Carole

im home and the surgery went well, now i have to just rest for a few days, and hopefully dont mess the stitches up, i am doing well and feel better already,
thanks for all the well wishes, Carole

Glad to hear you’re doing well.  :slight_smile:  Hope the 3-day weekend is good to you for recovery.

Here’s hoping you FEEL BETTER SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON. :slight_smile: Stitches are yucky but when they heal you’ll be SO GLAD. :stuck_out_tongue: (It’s worth it if it makes you feel better in the long run, methinks ;D)

Hey Carole wow hope your feeling better and hope the surgery has helped you. best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Glad to hear that everything went well. I hope you get to have someone waiting on you hand and foot while you heal. :wink:

I’m glad everything went well, Grace.  :slight_smile: May you have a fast recovery.