Study Abroad

It’s a little over a week before I’m leaving, but I figured I’d make the announcement as I finally bought tickets and things are almost pretty solid–housing’s still a bit up in the air, $500/month for about 9 square feet.  Ouch!

I’m headed to Tokyo on June 27th.  I’ll be studying there for 8 weeks before getting a whole 10 days off before the fall semester starts.  I’ll be spending the fall in Kyoto until December or January.  Hopefully, by the time I walk away, six months later, I’ll be able to carry on a conversation that was not printed in a textbook–how exciting!

Needless to say, I’m mad excited and scared out of my wits.  I’ve traveled by myself before in Europe when I was 15, but I had family friends to stay with.  Now it’s all on me, dealing with leases, getting my ass to school on time, catching the subway for a 30 minute commute, dodging immigration, causing trouble, being the Ugly American (I hope not, I really hope not), etc.

Of course, my absence does not mean you are freed from trouncing the residents of Cricket Hill.  No, my dear friends.  Jason has been kind enough to accept a management position to whip all the buggers into shape and make Chicken into the uberhotsexy stud that he is inside.  You will breed to him and name his babies funny, inventive names like, “Space Heater” or “WaddleslikeaDuck.”  He hasn’t agreed to this specifically, but I’m sure he will incorporate it into his mission of doing stuff while balancing an active real life schedule.  Again, bunches thankful for his help, even if Chicken must become the superhotsexy gelding that you wished was a stud, because he was so uberhott’n’sexy.  It is possible, ladies and gents.  Unfortunately, that is the reality of the game sometimes.  :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyhoo, I may be operating out of Japan (as I operate out of my suitcase), or you may not see me until December, or I may be in and out.  Who knows?  Just thought I’d get the word out.  I’ll probably be all over my e-mail, and I may or may not set up a blog rather than do the mass e-mail spamming to friends and family of what the heck’s going on.  If anyone’s interested, I’ll PM the link.

Sounds like fun! :smiley:  Definately send me a link to the blog if you go that route, reading your posts make my day and I can’t imagine going without for a whole 6 months or something.

I’ll be rooting for Chicken, needless to say. :wink:

:astonished: Yay for Japan!!  You’re so lucky!  I’ve wanted to go there since forever and 32 days haha.  Have fun, and try to drink as much Ramune as you can- tis good for ya!  In case you don’t know what it is (that’s unthinkable)  Just look for a funky glass bottle filled with strangely clear soda, you’ll know it when you see it  ;D

WOW!! Japan for 6 months!! ;D ;D    :frowning: You are leaving us… Well let’s just hope that when you come back Chicken is that super hot stud that you hoped he would be!!

Good luck and have a great time.
Mat :slight_smile:

That sounds like tons of fun. It would be so exciting to visit a new country. I’ll be hoping that when you come back Chicken will be the stud that you hoped he would be. :slight_smile:

Wow, Japan…that’s awesome. I’d be totally jealous if I knew how to speak a lick of Japanese. :smiley: I’d love to be able to read any updates if you’d like to share them. Good luck and I hope you have lots and lots of fun as you further your education over there. :wink:

Have fun and good luck! :slight_smile: I’ll be rooting for Chicken in the meantime.