Stud Suggestions

Alright, so I am debating on retiring my three year old mare [color=red]A Pharoahs Victory.
She may run the first half of next year and depending on how she does, she’ll either keep running, or be retired to the breeding
shed, which would be okay too because she’s turned out to do awesome this year. Anyway, so if I do retire her I was thinking
of possibly breeding her to Strider. She’s a great mare and I wanna do this right, but even with the names of the new studs
coming out, I just can’t decide so I was wondering if anyone had some input?

If I were you, I’d hold off from breeding for another year.  With 3 stakes wins in a row, I’d say she’s just finding her stride.  Who knows how long her peek will go.  This will allow for a couple things: 1) She’ll earn more money for you as a racehorse than as a broodmare that year, 2) She’ll improve her value as a broodmare and 3) some of the older junior studs (King David, Foolhardy, High Chances, As You Wish, I’m Your Angel, Ring of Fire, etc.) will have at least 1, maybe 2, crops on the track, allowing you to better gauge whether or not they’re worth breeding to, although Strider’s 1st crop won’t hit until the year after next.  I don’t think you can go wrong with Strider.  He is a pretty boy.

Good luck. 

Thanks for the input. Yeah I’m definitely gonna try her out racing the beginning of next year at least,
I’m just kind of hesitant about it because I have had her since she was a yearling and the end of her
two year old year, and now the end of this year, she has done awesome, but then she starts slacking
really bad at the beginning of every year so I’ll have to see I guess…