Stillwater's 2017 Foals

Yay, baby season!

We’re trying a new naming method this year - when in doubt, use the horse name generator. :wink: Should be interesting…

[color=red]Blessed Poem
WCh. I’m Your Angel (S) x NCh. Celtic Foxx (G) - NCh. Highland Wizard (S)
7.3h dark bay filly

Both older sisters (Ch. Cloch

Royal fillies! :slight_smile:

Nice girls, especially the ROF.

Very Nice Fliies!

Fillies love’em

First colt of the year. :slight_smile:

[color=blue]Honeydew Snort
Point Given (S) x ICh. SpectacularDiamond - Spectacular Bid §
10.1h grey colt

First foal from his MSW, multi-millionaire dam. Yay horse name generator for the epic name. :slight_smile:

[color=red]2 Fillies
[color=blue]1 Colts
72 due

Love it :smiley:

LOL, priceless. Nice colt.

Lol love the name!

Hahaha. I’m really going to love reading your babies’ names with this name generator making contributions!

Two more boys join the ranks. :slight_smile: I think I may try to name all of my boys via the horse name generator, because if any of them become studs that would be awesome.

[color=blue]Celtic Armageddon
Empire Maker x Night Faery - GCh. Must Be Magic
9.1h dark bay colt

First foal from his winning dam, who is a 3/4 sibling to Highland Bandit

[color=blue]Break the Bonds
Invasor x Ch. Break The Spell - Secretariat (S)
8.3h bay colt

(only inspired by the name generator :wink:)

Second foal (and colt) from MSP mare

[color=red]2 Fillies
[color=blue]3 Colts
70 due

Nice! Super cute names too. I may try the name generator too. :slight_smile:

Another girl to even the numbers. :slight_smile:

[color=red]Radiant Crown
ICh. Ring of Fire (S) x NCh. Crowned (B) - The Black (G)
8.3h black filly

Both her older siblings are winners on the track

[color=red]3 Fillies
[color=blue]3 Colts
69 due

Really nice filly! :slight_smile:

Lovely filly, Shanthi!

These names are awesome. :slight_smile:  Which horse name generator do you use?

This one

I usually have to go through a few names to get a good one, and it includes typos/misspellings, but otherwise, it seems OK. :slight_smile:

I have written a similar thing for the beta, so maybe I’ll include an option to randomly generate a name on the horse page. :wink:

Another boy this morning!

[color=blue]Bubblegum Stampede
Giant’s Causeway (B) x Silver Streak - Silver Legend (S)
9.3h dark grey colt

Second foal (and colt) from this SP mare

[color=red]3 Fillies
[color=blue]4 Colts
68 due

Cute colt.

Glad she’s giving you nice babies :slight_smile: