Stillwater's 2014 Foals

We have a few new babies to announce, thankfully everyone is healthy so far. :slight_smile:

January 1
NCh. Highland Wizard (G) x GCh. Bitter Sweet (S)
7.3h light bay filly

What with the news lately, the parents, and my pending move to London, I couldn’t resist the name. :wink:

3/4 sister to MSW Prince of Thieves

January 3
[color=red]Spread The News
WCh. All Jazzed Up x NCh. Guess What
8.2h dark bay filly

Her name comes from the lyrics to New York, New York, which is what I thought of when I looked at her pedigree.

2nd foal from MSW millionaire Guess What

[color=blue]King’s Knight
ICh. Chivalry x NCh. Crowned
8.2h black colt

2nd foal from MSW millionaire Crowned

January 5
[color=red]Millennium Star
Rock of Gibraltar x ICh. Priceless
9.0h dark bay filly

The Millennium Star is one of the most valuable diamonds in the world.

First foal from MSW multi-millionaire Priceless

Fillies: 3
Colts: 1
Unborn: 46

Congrats on all the beautiful babies…

Few more arrived yesterday. :slight_smile:

January 7
[color=blue]Make A Splash
GCh. Highland Laird (S) x Spectacular Star §
9.1h grey colt

I was thinking of spectacular things, and the name just came to me.

1/2 brother to MSWs Mistico Cigano, Bid of Darkness, and Indecent Proposal.

[color=red]Star of Light
ICh. Prince Of Wonder x Ch. A.P. Silver Star’s
8.2h black filly

My first thought was “Star of Wonder”, which led me to the next line in the holiday carol.

3rd foal from SW A.P. Silver Star’s

[color=red]Gift of Gold
Giant’s Causeway x GCh. Hollywood Gold (G)
9.3h chestnut filly

I liked the alliteration. :slight_smile:

1/2 sister to MSWs Doc Hollywood, Spoils of War, and Clockstopper

Fillies: 5
Colts: 2
Unborn: 46

Another healthy baby today. :slight_smile:

January 10
[color=red]Fiery Foxx
ICh. Ring of Fire (B) x NCh. Celtic Foxx
8.2h bay filly

2nd foal from her MSW millionaire dam

Fillies: 6
Colts: 2
Unborn: 45

Congratulations on all of the healthy foals!  Love the names as well :slight_smile:

Yet another filly today… :wink:

January 13
NCh. Gimme A Shot (S) x Highland Sorceress §
7.2h dark grey filly

Last foal from Highland Sorceress…Now that she’s 18 we figured it was time to let her relax a bit. Showme is 1/2 a ton of nice horses, including Highland Wizard, Seattle Sorcerer, Spellbound, Black Magick, Rhiannon, and Houdini. We’re super happy her last few foals have been fillies. :slight_smile:

Fillies: 7
Colts: 2
Unborn: 44

Aww… I’m sorry to see Highland Sorceress retire, but at 18…I guess it’s time.  What a lovely mare and a lovely filly to boot.  Best wishes for her.

I’m sorry to see her retire too. She was an amazing mare. Spellbound really helped my stable to take off and I was very lucky to own him. And what a fitting last foal; she looks just like her mom :slight_smile:

Awesome baby!

Bunch more babies…so far, everyone healthy. :slight_smile:

January 19
[color=blue]Freddie Mercury
WCh. King David (B) x ICh. Jazz’ed
9.1h brown colt

4th foal (1st colt!) from a MSW multi-millionaire. Freddie Mercury was the lead singer for Queen.

January 29
[color=blue]Indy’s Flight
A.P. Indy (G) x GCh. Endless Flight
9.3h dark bay colt

First foal from his multiple stakes winning dam

Octagonal x GCh. Heartoftheocean
10h chestnut filly

First foal from her multiple stakes winning dam

WCh. Strike It Rich x Highland Queen (S)
10h grey filly

1/2 sister to SW Noble Queen and SP Hidden King

February 1
[color=red]Magick Symbol
Cryptic Ballad x WCh. Black Magick
10h dark grey filly

3rd foal of her dam, who was a multi-millionaire on the track. :slight_smile:

[color=red]Laird’s Own
GCh. Highland Laird (S) x NCh. You Belong (G)
10h bay filly

1/2 sister to MSW Sleipnir, 3/4 sister to MSWs Highland Desperado and Robin Hood

February 2
[color=red]Gotta Triumph
WCh Gotta Go x Ch. Time For Triumph
9h bay filly

4th foal from a SW mare

February 3
[color=blue]Fly Away Home
Ch. Irish River (G) x ICh. Blackbird
9.2h bay colt

4th foal (and colt) from his dam. 1/2 brother to MSW Millennium Falcon.

[color=blue]Sir Tristan
ICh. Gunningdownromance x NCh. Camelot
8.1h chestnut colt

3rd foal from his dam, who was a multi-stakes winner

Fillies: 12
Colts: 6
Unborn: 35

Shew! Lotsa babies! Everyone looks nice and healthy!

Sad day today… :frowning:

February 5
Ch. Irish River (G) x NCh. Twin Pirate
Stillborn filly

One of our most anticipated breedings, with the first foal from a MSW mare and the last crop from Irish River. Sadly, she was born with severe health issues and didn’t make it.

ICh. Alley Cat (B) x GCh. Worth My Time (G)
9.3h black colt

1/2 brother to MSW Ancient Legend and SP Aurora

Fillies: 12
Colts: 7
Stillborn: 1
Unborn: 33

Really sorry to hear about the loss of your Irish River Filly…

Awe sorry to hear about your loss. :frowning:

More healthy babies today, yay!

February 6
[color=red]Sent to the Devil
8.3h bay filly

Still debating on the name, I like the “to the devil” part, anyway. :wink:  1/2 sister to MSWs Strike Your Fancy, Devil His Due, and Hunter’s Hero.

[color=red]Counting Coins
ICh. Count Me In x GCh. Wild Rumors
10.2h cjhestnut filly

3rd foal from a MSW mare. The name popped into my head, probably because England has

We need more colts to even things out here…

February 7
[color=red]Live A Little
GCh. Jazz It Up (S) x Playing With Fire (G)
9.2h bay filly

Another filly out of the FF version of my first horse. :slight_smile: 1/2 sister to MSWs Ring of Fire, Can’t Catch Me, and Do You Dare.

February 8
WCh. Highland Bandit (S) x Spectacular Times (G)
9.2h bay filly

3/4 sister to MSWs Spectacular Lady and Make A Bid, 1/2 sister to MSW Sign of the Times

Fillies: 16
Colts: 7
Stillborn: 1
Unborn: 29

Lol…well I suppose it’s better than having 16 colts and 7 fillys. :slight_smile:  Maybe name one Imacolt! Just kidding…:wink:

More babies while the internet was out…

February 13
[color=blue]Dreaming of Glory
ICh. Magic Glory (B) x NCh. Beautiful Dreamer (B)

Lightly raced older siblings are winners/placed, so we’ll see what this boy can do in a few years.

Holy Bull x Ch. Wouldn’tyouknowit

First foal from a MSW mare :slight_smile: I’m amazed this name wasn’t taken, because I love it.

Fillies: 17
Colts: 8
Stillborn: 1
Unborn: 27

February 16
WCh. Highland Bandit (S) x Magicians Mystery §

3/4 brother to MSW Rogue Magic, 1/2 brother to MSWs Magic Glory, Samhain, and Magic’s Promise.

Fillies: 17
Colts: 9
Stillborn: 1
Unborn: 26

Cute name!  :slight_smile: