Stillwater Racers for Lease

I am coming to the realisation that I don’t have time to do all the adulting, write FF code, and manage racers.

Therefore I plan to lease out the majority of my string (undecided as to whether I will include 2yos).

Leases will run through the end of 2020, and I will make the following offer:
I will pay whatever the horse earns, with a minimum of $5,000.

e.g. if you lease a complete dud who does nothing, I will still pay $5,000 for you to manage them for the rest of the year.
If you lease a superstar who wins $2,000,000, I will match that $2,000,000 as a thank you.

If you manage to get a filly/mare to stakes win(s), I’m happy to discuss future options to lease her for breeding in the future.
If you get any colt stud qualified, I’m also happy to discuss leasing him for a full year or providing free breedings once he retires.

Please PM with the horse(s) you’re interested in.

Taken Horses
Ancient Hymn
Audere est Facere
Bloody Baron
Can’t Keep Me
Can’t Make Me
Castle Walk
Changing Signals
Dark Outside
Featherless Wings
Fools Crown
Fly the Rainbow
Golden Thoughts
Highest Angel
Imperial Lady
Magic Words
Rainbow Fairy
Royal Jest
Running Free
Voodoo Princess

Thanks to everyone who’s leased someone already. :slight_smile: I’ll decide in a few weeks whether I want to lease out some/all of the 2yo crop as well.

Since there are still 100+ horses to go, feel free to request to lease more horses if you’ve already picked 5.