Stillwater Racemare Auction

It’s that time of year again - we scoured our bloodlines and selected 6 mares to consign to auction…not because we don’t love them (we do!) but because we own several family members.

Starting Feb 11, the following girls will be for sale:

Perfect Timing - 5yo MSP daughter of Spectacular Times, making her half-sister to MSWs Spectacular Lady, Sign of the Times, Make A Bid, Jetsetter, and Usain Bolt

Ella Fitzgerald - 5yo MSP daughter of Jazz’ed, making her half-sister to MSW Alleluia and SW A Capella

Cuckoo - 5yo MSW daughter of Highland Raven, making her half-sister to MSWs Slew O’Scots, Blackbird, and Priceless.

On Angel’s Wings - 4yo winning daughter of Black Swan, making her half-sister to MSWs Strike It Rich, Endless Flight, Knight Errant, Dark Laird, and Swan Song

Queen’s Fool - 4yo MSP daughter of Lady Rogue, making her half-sister to SWs Finest Melody and Bejeweled

Perfect Princess - 4yo SP daughter of Celtic Glory, making her half-sister to SP Scotland’s Glory

Auction Catalogue

I’ve worked so hard in the last year to pad my bank account, and here you are, trying to put me back in the poorhouse.  :stuck_out_tongue:

What a lovely, tempting, dangerous set of girls!

Heh. I tried to set reasonable reserves on them. :slight_smile:

Perhaps.  But we know what happens when someone sets a way-too-tempting pony up for auction…and I suspect I am not the only tempted one, by far.  The bidding wars ought to be fun.

Thankfully, I might actually be able to keep up this year - or I plan to try, anyway.

Sooo much gorgeous. Thankfully I’m pretty sure the bidding wars will keep me out (not that I need more broodmares, anyways!).

Got too many here :slight_smile:

Heh. I’m always significantly poorer at the beginning of the year, so people may be in luck. Though, I will try to snag a couple of the pretties.

So many lovely fillies/mares… Do we really have to wait till February?? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m happy to move it up, I just didn’t want it clashing with any existing auction. There’s still a 2-ish week window, though, so I could squeeze it in at the end of January. :wink:

Happy with February. Gives me some time to earn $$

Just an update that [color=red]CUCKOO won her stakes race today (at age 5!) and will now rest at the farm until sold. (As tempting as it is to keep her, she was on the consignment list for a reason - namely, we already have her 3/4 sister Priceless).

We’ve also added one more girl to the bunch:

Evensong - 6yo MSW daughter of Evening Twilight, making her half-sister to SW Don Juan and SP Twilight Hour.

Slowly but surely we’re whittling down our large band of racing mares. :slight_smile:

Songcatcher has been added to the auction. She’s a 4yo SW daughter of Manhattan Melody.

This will be an expensive exercise…

As a result of [color=red]QUEEN’S FOOL putting in 2 wins already in January, we’ve decided to keep her racing in our colours this year. She might be for sale next year, though, as wel also own her 3/4 sister Temporary Insanity.

Apologies if anyone was really looking forward to her. We’d probably consider leasing her for breeding if we don’t sell her later. :slight_smile:

Bidding is open - enjoy! :slight_smile:

How did I pick up Cuckoo for only $800,500?!?!?!?!

Well, taxes wiped me out. :wink:

I think stakes-winning Songcatcher for $5,000 is the better bargain. :wink: But nice price, nonetheless.

That went a lot faster than I thought it would - congrats to all the new owners!

Seriously, I was very suprised how tame the prices ended up being!

Because half my roster this year is 2YOs and I need to save my money for the mares & babies I already have? :wink: