Steeplechase: Velká Pardubická 2023

I mostly ignored the real life racing season, but at least I’ll report on this one. Sadly there was quite a mess at the Taxis Ditch this year; one horse, Stuke, broke neck and died on the spot. In the video it seems like he wanted to refuse to jump.
18 ran, 8 finished, Winning time: 9m 28.27s (a little faster than last year).
Of previous winners, Talent finished 2nd again, Mr Spex didn’t finish the race according to this report - but I don’t know what F, PU and UR means.
This year’s winner Sacamiro finished 3rd last year.

F = fell
PU = pulled up
U = unseated rider - usually this means horse may have stumbled on landing/lost its footing enough to ditch his/her jockey but the horse itself hasn’t fallen.

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I love the jump races here in the uk, but that race is not a great watch for me. Those water jumps are very dangerous. Also hate to see horses tailed off at the back not being pulled up

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It is a very dangerous race indeed. I like that these horses have such long careers. Maybe endurance races encourage breeding for soundness…? The race is for 6yo+ anyway. Most racehorses end their careers much sooner. Flightline, his sire Tapit, his sire Pulpit - all retired after 6 starts…