Steeplechase: Velká Pardubická 2021

I didn’t follow the real life famous races this year, but at least I’ll post about this one! I sometimes listen to Czech radio in my car, although I don’t understand much, and I actually heard when they were talking in the news about this year’s race.
The winner was a 10yo gelding Talent. The 2020 winner, Hegnus, also ran and finished 6th. Looks like there were some changes to Taxis Ditch, and no falls there this year. 18 horses ran, 9 finished the race.

This is such a wild race. Earlier this year I read Unbreakable: The Woman Who Defied the Nazis in the World’s Most Dangerous Horse Race, by Richard Askwith which is about the only female jockey to win the Pardubicka. Seeing photos and reading about Taxis Ditch in the 1940s before and AFTER multiple safety adjustments makes the modern version look incredibly tame. :laughing: