Starting Over

3 bedroom, 2 bath remodeled farm house, extensive kitchen with a large deck overlooking large pasture. This former racing farm comes complete with a 20 stall barn (area 1/4 mile away from main barn was cleared for two smaller barns) and 200 acres of lush acres. There are extensive conditioning trails and breezeways between the pastures. Hay storage and a 1 mile woodchip exercise track come on edge of property. A days traveling distance to prestigious Saratoga Racecourse

Lilly read the add again as she pulled to a stoplight. It seems so perfect-almost too perfect she pondered as the light turned green. The hills began to roll by ever so slowly as Lilly drove behind her real-estate agent. Montana has never looked this green, she said to herself. She rolled down the window as she saw some farms begin to pass by. According to her agent they were going about 100 miles out of Saratoga,NY. They pulled into a gravel drive, she parked and jumped out so quickly she almost slammed her foot in the door. The house was as beautiful as the picture but there was definite work to be done in the stable area. There needed to be more woodchips added to the track and the stalls needed a definite do-over on the hasty patch up job of the already old stalls. After i can get some horses on the track ill remodel this barn, inside only though

Her agent walked up behind her-“The owner recently died and his children are selling it dirt cheap as long as it is sold to someone who plans to use it as a horse farm. In his will he said that if it was to be sold to developers he wanted top dollar for it so your lucky!”

Lilly barely heard as she walked into the old barn. It still smelled of hay and shavings. Suddenly a head popped out of one of the nicer stalls. “This poor horse!! Whats he still doing here all alone!?!” she said eratically.

Then a man rounded the corner leading a frisky, and obviously young horse. “Ill tell you what hes doin here. He was bought at auction along with this little lady here and they didnt have a chance to run before the boss died. Im Joey by the way. The farms old groom, Ive been here with the horses so they are getting taken care of.”

Lilly walked up to the horse, obviously a stallion,  in the stall and let it smell her hand. “Are they for sale, Joey?”

“As a matter of fact they are Miss. They come with the place & so do I, but thats only of you’d like.”

Lilly’s heart skipped a beat. She couldn’t believe it! Two horses with her dream stable! It was too good to be true! She spun on her heel and went over to her agent. “I’ll TAKE IT!!!” she was practically screeming.

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