Starfish Stables Foals - 2022

Having to do this by hand as I keep getting the dreaded “404 Not Found” error when I click on the Forum Post Format link.

One new baby made her appearance during the night:-

[color=red]Navy’s Band, an 8.2h bay filly by [color=blue]N.Ch. In The Navy out of [color=red]Ch. Bandita.

First foal for [color=red]Bandita who will visit [color=blue]I.Ch. First Born Son next.

[color=blue]0 colts
[color=red]1 fillies
120 still due

Had our second foal for this year, unfortunately she was Stillborn.

[color=blue]NCh. Exit Poll x [color=red]Alicia Moore - [color=blue]WCh. Express Yourself
Bred by Denoux Stud.

[color=blue]0 colts
[color=red]1 fillies
1 stillborn
119 still due

Sorry for your loss.

Sorry for your loss. :frowning:

Sorry to hear that Lewis, not a happy start to the year, hoping it’s the only one.

Stillborn? That’s awful.
I offer LFG so just let me know when you’d like a free breeding back and I’ll adjust it.

Thanks Alyssa.

I had posted to your Stallion Advertising thread about this a couple of days ago.

So bizarre! It wasn’t showing up under “Show unread posts since last visit” which I check obsessively, but when I clicked on the Stallion Advertising thread it did indeed show a new posting. I’ve got her all booked!

I think that only a certain number of posts show up if you do the “Show unread posts since last visit” so it may have “disappeared” off the page when you looked. I have had a similar situation with Stallion bookings so I tend to check those threads separately apart from doing the “Show unread posts since last visit”.

Anyway, thanks. I’ve done the “Breed this Foal” so lets pray that next years foal will do better.

I will definitely be checking those separately now that I know!

(I think the forum gets confused about your “last visit” if you do a bunch of things off-forum like race entries, breedings, etc, and then come back to the forum…it will think that your visit doing game stuff counted as a visit and thus not show stuff before then. That’s my hypothesis, anyway. Easy to solve if you just click on the forum sometime during a visit to the site.)

[color=blue]GRAPPE NOIRE
NCh. French Ruby x Black Cluster - ICh. Alley Cat (B)
Bred by Black Storm West

10.0h dapple grey colt
Grappe Noire is French for Black Cluster.

[color=blue]THE LAST WALTZ
NCh. Last For More x NCh. Song Thief - GCh. Cool Thief
9.0h black colt

[color=blue]2 colts[br][color=red]1 fillies[br][color=green]1 stillborn[br]117 still due

Next foals are not due until Jan 29th.

Love the names for these two :slight_smile:

Congrats on the French Ruby colt!

[color=red]LAST CLASSIC
NCh. Last For More x ICh. Classic Fires - NCh. I’m A Classic (B)
7.2h black filly

[color=red]SONADORA DE ORO
ICh. Calle de Oro x Ch. Sheza Dreamer § - Bright As Lightnin (G)
8.2h grey filly

1/2 sister to [color=red]NCh. Valentine’s Day, [color=red]NCh. Major Dreams, [color=red]GCh. Chunky’s Dream, [color=red]Ch. Nightmare Dreamer

NB:- Sonadora is Spanish for Dreamer.

[color=blue]RUMORS AWAY
NCh. Away The Lads x Ch. Unsubstantiated (B) - Ch. Rumor Has It (B)
7.3h dark bay colt

3/4 brother to [color=red]Ch. Olivia Cromwell
1/2 brother to [color=blue]Ch. Happy New Year, [color=blue]Debatable Streak

7 out of 121 - [color=blue]3 colts, [color=red]3 fillies, 1 stillborn - 114 still due

Lovely foals.

WCh. Usain Bolt x Ancient Honour § - Charlemagne (S)
9.0h bay colt

Full brother to [color=blue]Zeus (2021)
1/2 brother to [color=blue]NCh. Ancient Magic, [color=red]GCh. Ancient Fire, [color=blue]Ch. Ancient Warrior, [color=red]Ch. Mantle of Honor, [color=blue]Glory Honor&Praise, [color=blue]Satan’s Secretary

8 out of 121 - [color=blue]4 colts, [color=red]3 fillies, 1 stillborn - 113 still due

Love the name!

Great name. :slight_smile: I hope he and Zeus do well.

Ohh, great name! I love the Lightning Thief book.