Starfish Stables Auction

I am finding that I have not had as much time to focus on FF in the last couple of months and need to cut down on our horses. It is proving very hard to try and fit races into more than 500 racehorses (and this is after retiring a number of horses a couple of months ago).

As such I have set up an auction for 161 4YO’s and above, starting on Saturday. Only 14 have a reserve ($5,000 in each case) but the rest of them have no reserve.

Any horses not sold at the end of the auction will be retired.

Hopefully you can find some that pique your interests.


Just a reminder that this auction starts in about 2 1/2 hours.

The option to place a bid is missing from the auction page but you can place a bid by clicking ‘view horse’

@Shanthi - for info

It also looks like the “time left” column is blank for all the horses, so it will be interesting to see if the auctions actually close.

I’ve won two and seems they’ve sold and transferred to my stable successfully.

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The “Time Left” column for each horse is also blank so you can’t tell how much time is left for each individual horse.

Be careful when you bid on a horse that already has bids on it. Some of them may have already been sold.

According to my Stable Info page, 17 of our horses have been sold, however, if you look at the Auction Page, none of the horses that were up for auction have been. My Stable Budget does show that they have been sold

It does look like the horses that were sold no longer have the option to be bid on. They just aren’t listed under the “Sold Horses” section.

This is now fixed

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